The Health Benefits of the Miracle Berry

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Today, the miracle berry is gaining momentum as an important agent in health-conscious living. A large amount of research has shown that the miracle fruit has incredible potential in the fight against obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance, and cancer recovery in addition to its flavor modifying capabilities.

Miraculin and the Science of Flavor

The active protein that is responsible for the miracle berry’s taste enhancing properties is miraculin. Miraculin binds itself to the sweet receptors of the taste buds on the tongue and forms a miraculin-sweet receptor complex. When sour or tart foods (with an acidic pH) come into contact with the miraculin-sweet receptor complex, miraculin super-activates the sweet receptors. This has proved to offer incredible potential for people who are overall health conscious. Doctors are continuing to explore the benefits of miracle berries which so far have great potential to support any healthy lifestyle plan such as weight loss plans. 

Weight Loss

For those who struggle with weight loss, studies have shown that miracle fruit can support those who are fighting a battle with weight and processed sugar consumption. When you let the tablet dissolve and fully coat your tongue prior to eating or drinking, any healthy food or drink that is sour or acidic in taste can be sweeter. The best part is that this happens without the addition of any added sugar or sweeteners. This can make healthy foods that normally would be avoided tasty without additional ingredients. Even sour or tart drinks can be sweet without the use of processed sugar. For example, the miracle berry can make lemon water with apple cider vinegar taste like sugar free lemonade and snacks like unsweetened Greek yogurt parfait can taste like a dessert.


If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or are switching to a healthier lifestyle, the miracle berry makes it easy to reduce sugar in your diet without sacrificing the sweet flavors you crave.

MiraBurst enhances the taste of several of the listed 10 Diabetes Superfoods by the American Diabetes Association such as unsweetened Greek yogurt, blueberries and other berries, grapefruit, and citrus fruits. The Taste Enhancing Tablets can make lemon water and apple cider vinegar taste like sugar free lemonade when paired together. Lemon water can help prevent blood sugar spikes while apple cider vinegar can help improve insulin sensitivity. Other healthy sugar-free fruit smoothies, yogurts, and desserts can taste sweet after using MiraBurst without any added sugar or sweeteners.

Many studies have also shown that the miracle berry can be helpful in managing blood sugar. One study conducted in 2006 provided evidence that oral administration of miracle fruit could delay the development of insulin resistance in rats. Insulin resistance has been closely linked to the development of diabetes. To learn more about this and additional benefits of the miracle berry for diabetics, please visit our Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics pages.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients often experience side effects of their chemotherapy treatments such as having a metallic taste in their mouths. This can make patients reluctant to eat food after their treatments. Unfortunately, it reduces their intake of important nutrients that aid their healing and recovery. Luckily, miracle berries can help chemotherapy patients enjoy normal food again by temporarily masking chemotherapy related metallic taste.


Critical Antioxidants and Vitamins

Beyond their ability to modify the taste of other foods, miracle berries themselves have their own health properties such as vitamins and antioxidants. Researchers have identified multiple antioxidants in the berries that can lower levels of free radicals, reduce oxidative stress in organ systems, and aid and support a healthy lifestyle such as polyphenols (flavonoids and phenolics), vitamin C, A and E as well as essential amino acids, minerals and micronutrients which are needed for healthy living and help manage blood sugar levels.

Where Can I Buy Miracle Berries?

Miracle berry products can be found here on our website. Discover how this miraculous fruit can enhance your own healthy lifestyle!

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