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At MiraBurst, we are committed to our mission of helping the world to enjoy a low sugar eating lifestyle by making the MiraBurst miracle berry accessible to everyone globally.

The best way to achieve this mission is through collaborations with passionate people who want to live a healthy low sugar lifestyle and share their journeys with others! If you are interested in spreading the word about MiraBurst to your social circle (friends, relatives, co-workers, and networks, including patients) and social media followers, here is how the program works.

What You’ll Do

As a brand ambassador, your main task will be the following:

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Share Your Stories

Create content that showcases how you use MiraBurst to achieve a low sugar lifestyle that you enjoy. The best way to convey the value of MiraBurst is to have real people speak about their experiences and share their tips and tricks!

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Tag Us Online

Share and promote your unique ambassador code on your social media, blog, or website. Be sure to tag us in your posts and share your content with us to allow us to reshare. This will help boost your sales and our brand awareness.

Start Making Money

You will earn 20% of net sales purchased through your link and will be compensated monthly.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Emmanuel Asare — a leading doctor, MiraBurst is the proud provider of miracle berry products: Mini Squares and Freeze-Dried Whole Miracle Berries. Our mircle berry products, such as mini-squares and miracle fruit tablets, trick the mind into perceiving sour or tart foods, fruits, and drinks as sweet with no added sugar or sweeteners. These products are the perfect alternatives to both natural and artificial sweeteners for making a low sugar eating lifestyle deliciously sweet! Experience the benefits of our MiraBurst miracle berry while boosting your bottom line. Partner with us as a brand ambassador today!