Freeze Dried Miracle Berry Mini-Squares

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The new and improved MiraBurst Miracle Berry.

MiraBurst’s Mini-Squares are a natural taste modifier made from the fruit of the miracle berry. It works by tricking the mind into perceiving tart or sour fruits, foods, and drinks as sweet without any added sugar or sweeteners. Our Mini-Squares are the highest quality and most potent new form of the miracle berry. As a result, you can enjoy healthy yet tart or sour fruits, foods, and drinks, like low sugar fruits and fruit salads, lemon water or apple cider vinegar in lemon water, berry smoothies, green smoothies with berries, and low sugar yogurt parfait with berries. This means you can satisfy your sugar cravings while enjoying a low sugar lifestyle.

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Enjoy Low Sugar Eating with MiraBurst’s Miracle Berry Mini-Square

Our all-natural alternative to both natural and artificial sweeteners, the MiraBurst miracle berry is perfect for keeping your blood sugar and weight healthy in a sweet way without preservatives or additives.


Our MiraBurst Mini-Squares are a miracle berry product similar to the fruit tablet and created from miracle berry miracle berry pulp that has been freeze-dried into a pure powder. The powder is then compressed and shaped into squares without any additives or preservatives. Therefore, it has the exact natural composition as the berry itself. These Mini-Squares make it easier than ever to enjoy low sugar fruits, foods, and drinks. This makes them the perfect solution for health and weight-conscious adults or children who want to satisfy their sweet tooth in a nutritious way.

The MiraBurst freeze dried miracle berry is also ideal as a natural sugar substitute for diabetics and pre-diabetics, as the Mini-Squares work well with several of the diabetic superfoods recommended bythe American Diabetes Association. For keto people or people who are weight conscious, our MiraBurst Mini-Squares make consuming low-carb and low sugar drinks, foods, and fruits more enjoyable.


1 Remove your miracle fruit mini-square from its blister pack, and put the square on the top surface of your tongue.
2 Allow the Miracle Berry Mini-Square to completely dissolve on the tongue. Don’t chew the square. If you chew it, it won’t effectively modify your taste.
Enjoy your sour or tart fruit, food, or drink immediately after it completely dissolves on your tongue!

With the MiraBurst Mini-Squares, you can start enjoying a long-lasting, low sugar eating lifestyle and prevent spikes in your blood sugar. Shop our freeze dried Miracle Berry Mini-Squares today, and check out our ebook for tips on how to achieve a low sugar lifestyle with MiraBurst!!
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