Health, the Miracle Berry, and Our Relationship to Food

More and more, we are understanding the implications of our foods and how they support — or hurt — our health. Each day, we are bombarded with a new diet trend. Paleo. Vegan. Whole 30. Keto. It could make your head explode.

Where Diets Agree

Not only do these different diets cite “facts” to support their programs, books, and products, but often they offer contrary advice. But there is one thing they all agree on. Processed sugar is bad. In fact, not only is processed sugar one of the main contributors to chronic illness in the world but it contributes to inflammation and has been likened to cocaine in its addictive qualities.

Artificial Sweeteners Have Not Been the Answer

Today, a whole artificial sweetener industry has grown up around our love-hate relationship with sugar. The FDA has approved five sweeteners to date and one “natural” low-calorie sweetener. But their use is continually questioned by the medical community as far as safety and long-term benefits. Over the decades we have used these sweeteners, Americans keep gaining weight and suffering from type-2 diabetes at a rate never seen before. In fact, diabetes has been called a national crisis.

What the Experts Say

Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity and weight-loss specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital is concerned that the hyper-sweetness of artificial sweeteners has changed the way we view “sweet” and made healthier options such as fruit taste bland. Artificial sweeteners may have us shunning healthy options and are tricking us into no longer associating sweetness with calories. In fact, the San Antonio Heart Study followed participants who drank more than 21 diet drinks per week, finding that they were twice as likely to be obese as those who did not drink diet sodas.


The Potential of the Miracle Berry

Today, we have a potential bright light on the horizon. The miracle berry, a berry that temporarily modifies the taste of sour or acidic foods, is available in the United States through companies such as MiraBurst®. Completely natural and organic, the qualities of the miracle fruit make sour foods taste sweet for up to ninety minutes after the active ingredient in the fruit (miraculin) has fully coated the tongue. No sugar. No sweeteners. Even more convenient, the miracle fruit is available in easy melt miracle berry tablets.

The Healthy Consequences of Miracle Fruit

The implications of a natural product having approximately 1 calorie of its own are important.

  • Weight loss — with the ability to remove sugar from our foods, we can avoid the excess weight associated with sugar consumption.
  • Health — the taste enhancing qualities of the miracle berry offer the ability to improve health by eating bland or acidic, yet healthy, foods.
  • Diabetes — removing sugar from our diets has great applications in the fight against diabetes. Studies with laboratory mice showed that the fruit may also help with insulin sensitivity.
  • Antioxidants — a recent study identified numerous healthy antioxidants in the miracle fruit itself.

Miracle berries may be the answer we are seeking to our current processed sugar addiction and diabetes crisis as well as how we experience the taste of food. Miracle fruit tablets are available here on the MiraBurst® website and as well.

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