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Miracle Berries In The News

NY Times – Riding a Flavor Trip

At “flavor tripping” parties, guests eat a berry known as miracle fruit that temporarily rewires taste buds, turning sour flavors sweet.

CNN – ‘Miracle fruit’ turns sour things sweet

The small fruit has the color of a cranberry, the shape of an almond and tastes like a flavorless gummy.

Dr. Oz – Berry for Weight Loss, Pt 1

This West African fruit is known as the miracle berry for a reason. It can make the sourest foods taste sweet. Could this berry help you reprogram your taste buds to lose weight? Dr. Oz explains how you can use this berry.

CSI – Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit – covered by CSI

Rachael Ray Show – Busting Food Myths with Ted Allen

Food detective Ted Allen is cracking food myths one bite at a time!

The Doctors – What are Miracle Berries?

Learn about Miracle Berries, a fruit that contains a special protein called miraculin that latches on to your taste receptors and prevents you from tasting sour flavors. Can it be used to cut sugar from meals?

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