Pre-Diabetics (Borderline Diabetics)

One in three US adults has prediabetes and is at high risk for type 2 diabetes.
How about you?

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What is Prediabetes?

You have prediabetes if the glucose (sugar) level in your blood is abnormally high but not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis. Unfortunately, ⅓ of Americans are borderline diabetic, which may cause them to develop type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or strokes.

Fortunately, you can often reverse prediabetes, and we at MiraBurst can help with introducing you to the miracle berry: a natural taste modifier that is perfect for turning sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks sweet without any added sweetener or sugar. This fits into a borderline diabetic diet and will help you to enjoy a low sugar lifestyle on a daily basis.


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Protect Yourself Against Pre-Diabetes with the Help of MiraBurst

Since 2014, MiraBurst — founded by leading physician Dr. Emmanuel Asare — has helped both diabetics and borderline diabetics to enjoy a low sugar lifestyle and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Try our miracle fruit products to see for yourself!

Taste The Sweet Sensation of MiraBurst!

Enjoy sweet-tasting fruits and drinks without any added sugar or sweeteners!

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How Will MiraBurst Practically Help Someone With Pre-Diabetes?

MiraBurst products, including Freshly Frozen Miracle Berries and Mini Squares, are great for a borderline diabetic because they help to retrain and recondition your taste buds to get used to less sugar, thus promoting the better management of your blood sugar.

MiraBurst products make healthy low-carb/sugar-free desserts (especially yogurt-based desserts) and smoothies (both berry smoothies and green smoothies with berries or lemon) taste naturally sweeter and more delicious. We take them to the next level of satisfaction.

With MiraBurst products, apple cider vinegar in lemon water turns into sugar-free lemonade for hydration. Lemon water contains a soluble fiber called pectin, which slows down the digestion of carbohydrates, and apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which slows the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine. Together, both work to prevent blood sugar spikes after meals. In addition, studies have shown that apple cider vinegar helps to improve your body’s sensitivity to your own insulin.

MiraBurst miracle berry adds much-needed natural sources of antioxidants—polyphenols (flavonoids and phenolics); vitamins C, A, and E; and essential amino acids, minerals, and micronutrients. These are needed for healthy living and managing blood sugar levels.

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MiraBurst is Here To Help

The unique miracle berry could just be part of the answer to satisfying those sugar cravings. This berry can help with changing the eating habits of anyone looking to cut down on sugar and can therefore help to prevent you from becoming borderline diabetic. In fact, the diabetes epidemic is a huge motivating factor for commercializing the miracle berry because our mission is to make the world a healthier, sweeter place for all.