Miracle Berry for Chemotherapy Patients

Temporarily mask that chemotherapy-associated metallic taste so you can get back to eating normally.

There are few times when a complete and nutritionally dense diet is more important than when one is having to undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the treatment itself is often accompanied by appetite-diminishing side effects, including “metal mouth.” Creating an unpleasant metallic taste, chemotherapy often makes it difficult for patients to enjoy their favorite foods. As a natural dietary supplement, MiraBurst tablets disguise the metal taste and allow chemo patients to resume healthy eating habits.

Chemotherapy associated metallic taste affecting your eating?

Disguise That Metallic Taste & Get Back to Eating Normally!

Health Benefits of MiraBurst

Packed with polyphenols (flavonoids, 12 active phenolics), Vitamins C, A, E, minerals, essential amino acids and micronutrients, the miracle berry has been proven to deliver the antioxidant and health protective properties that chemotherapy patients depend on to protect cellular health. Used in medicinal treatments for centuries, the miracle fruit not only affects the perception of an individual’s taste buds, it aids in weight loss and boosts immunity.

Nutritional Benefits for those undergoing Chemotherapy

Reported to temporarily mask the metallic taste often caused by chemotherapy treatments, miraculin — a compound found in the miracle fruit — helps patients temporarily mask chemotherapy associated metallic taste and help patients enjoy normal taste of food. Packed with vitamins C, A, and E and containing a natural source of amino acids, minerals and micronutrients, miracle berries provide a much-needed nutritional boost.

To view clinical research regarding the use of miracle berry products, please click here.

Taste The Sweet Sensation of MiraBurst!

Give your health a boost while enjoying the sweet-tasting foods and drinks without any added sugar or sweetener!

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