MiraBurst is the proud provider of the only natural taste modifying and taste-masking superfruit in the world—the miracle berry. A leading medical doctor, Dr. Emmanuel Asare established the company with the goal of using the health benefits of the miracle berry to help everyone maximize the power of nutrition to help fight chronic diseases including diabetes and several types of cancer.

The Beginning of the MiraBurst Founder’s Story

MiraBurst’s story began in 2013, when Dr. Asare received a borderline diabetes diagnosis and was therefore pressured to alter his diet. However, since he was addicted to sugary foods and drinks, he initially struggled to replace the high sugar content processed foods and drinks with plant-based whole foods, fruits and vegetables. But he found a solution once he was re-introduced to the miracle berries, which originate from Ghana—his homeland.

An important moment in the MiraBurst founder’s story is when he used the miracle berry to turn the sour or tart fruits, foods and drinks he previously was never able to enjoy sweeter. Citrus fruits, berries and unsweetened Greek yogurt became deliciously sweeter to satisfy his sweet tooth! Since he found personal success with enjoying these sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks without any added sugar or sweetener with the help of the miracle berry, he proceeded to look into how to make this special berry more accessible for everyone globally. And the rest is history.

a bright berry smoothie with Miracle Berries
smoothie on top and yogurt parfait on bottom

I remembered this fruit from my childhood years. Growing up in Ghana as a child decades ago, I remember rushing to a miracle berry tree behind our school campus with my friends after school to look for a ripe berry to help us enjoy sour-tasting partially ripe oranges and pineapples at home. We didn’t have to worry whether the pineapple or orange was ripe or not because we knew it was going to taste sweet with the miracle berry! We also used the berry to help us sweeten and enjoy several different kinds of healthy tropical fruits and fruit juices.


The Start of MiraBurst

In 2014, Dr. Asare founded MiraBurst with the mission of educating the general public, especially diabetics, borderline diabetics on how to use the miracle berry to enjoy healthy low-sugar fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. This helps reduce their intake of processed foods and sugar without sacrificing their sweet tooth.

Later, two pilot clinical trials in the US indicated that the miracle berry may be beneficial to cancer patients experiencing chemotherapy associated taste disturbances. In addition, several scientific studies were published on the possible cancer-fighting properties of the miracle berry.

This scientific information prompted Dr Asare to research on ways to harness the benefits of the miracle berry to help cancer patients in general, especially those with chemotherapy associated taste disturbances.

a veggie and fruit green smoothie
a pitcher of fresh lemon water
fruit salad in a large bowl

This unique berry has made a very
significant impact on my life.

“It has changed my eating habits for the better,” says Dr. Asare. He now enjoys apple cider vinegar in lemon water after lunch or dinner on a daily basis. Before, he couldn’t stomach the drink even though he knew the health benefits.

He explains, “Apple cider vinegar has been shown in clinical research to help improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and lemon water helps to stabilize blood sugar levels after meals.” 

Additionally, with the help of MiraBurst, he now enjoys eating blueberries and strawberries on a daily basis with his breakfast as well as unsweetened yogurt parfait as a snack or dessert, which is something he couldn’t previously enjoy.

During the past six years, Dr. Asare’s blood sugar levels have improved significantly and have now completely normalized and reversed his pre-diabetes diagnosis with the help of MiraBurst.

“Interestingly, my taste buds have been retrained with the help of MiraBurst so I now find sugary foods and drinks too sweet for me,” the doctor adds. He rarely craves ice cream, previously his favorite snack, like he used to do and is able to enjoy in moderation.

MiraBurst Today

Since its inception, MiraBurst has helped numerous borderline diabetics, diabetics, weight and health-conscious people, and children increase their consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables.

However, due to the rising incidence of cancers and multiple research studies indicating that miracle berries may have anticancer properties and at the same time may help manage taste disturbances associated with chemotherapy, MiraBurst has redirected significant efforts to harness the health benefits of the miracle berries to help cancer patients maximize the power of nutrition to help fight cancer while helping to mask and manage chemotherapy associated taste disturbances

Globally, there are approximately 20 million new cancer cases every year (as of 2022). About half of them need chemotherapy and a significant number of them will develop chemotherapy associated taste disturbances which result in food aversions, risk of malnutrition, poor quality of life and ultimately, increased death rate of cancer patients. Currently, there is no effective treatment.

In addition, a publication in Europe on the current knowledge of the miracle berry has provided a strong scientific basis for its potential use as a supplement in the management of chronic diseases related to altered metabolism including obesity and insulin resistance which are well-known risk factors for cancer.

Based on the above, MiraBurst is now concentrating most of its efforts in using the miracle berry to help cancer patients in general, especially those with chemotherapy associated taste disturbances.

Take Advantage of Nature’s Solution for a Healthier World!

In light of the MiraBurst founder’s personal story and the current knowledge of the miracle berry, now couldn’t be a better time to revitalize your taste buds and, in turn, your lifestyle with the help of the miracle berry to help fight chronic diseases including diabetes and some cancers. Learn more about nature’s solution to a healthier world and try the MiraBurst miracle berry for yourself today