At MiraBurst®, We Are Proud Supporters of Fair Trade Practices

Many of the food products we use today are cultivated in other areas of the world. But for many of these items, farmers or workers were not always paid a fair wage for their labor or their product. Many of these farmers have faced incredible hardships trying to earn a fair living and care for their families. This is why fair trade practices have been put into place and why we at MiraBurst® use this model for our berries.

Fair Trade Throughout the Years

Fair trade policies can be traced back to the 1940s after World War II. However, it was not until the late 1980s that fair trade certification was initiated in response to coffee prices and exploitation of the industry’s workers. In 1997, Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International, or FLO, brought together international partners and has represented countries around the world in fair trade practices. Today, the Fair Trade Certified seal represents products from around the world and improves the lives of farmers and workers while protecting the environment of these areas.

Our Miracle Berries are Fair Trade Certified

Our miracle berries and miracle berry products at MiraBurst® are fair trade certified. This ensures that the farmers and workers who help cultivate our berries are fairly compensated and are able to support their families without unnecessary hardships. We believe this supports a balance in the relationship between the Ghanaian farmers who grow our berries and our customers.


Fair and Sustainable Production

Using fair trade miracle fruit ensures that not only are our partner farmers fairly compensated for their work and product, but that the area they are grown is a sustainable one. Fair trade producers are required to care for the land and continually monitor the impact that farming is having on the surrounding landscape and water supply. This enables our producers to earn organic certifications as well.

Consumers Want to Know Where Their Food Comes From

We understand that as consumers become more educated about food and products they use, they want to know where they come from and how they are produced. At MiraBurst®, we are a proud supporter of fair trade practices and are a fair trade business. Every berry used in our products has been grown by local farmers in Ghana, West Africa earning fair trade and organic certifications.

As a Customer, You Can Be Proud to Support Fair Wages

Our customers can be proud to support our miracle berry products knowing that the farmers and workers who produce them are being treated fairly and can thereby take care of their families. They can also have peace of mind that our products are organic and grown sustainability without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Here at MiraBurst®, we believe that more companies should support fair trade practices that will ensure the fair compensation for farmers and suppliers and allow them to make a dignified living. We also believe that supporting these humane practices is important to our customers. See our line of miracle fruit products at our website.

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