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Low Sugar Recipes

Losing weight and controlling your blood sugar never tasted so sweet! Our healthy diabetes recipes at MiraBurst are the perfect way to start developing a lifelong habit of low sugar eating while satisfying your sugar cravings.

At MiraBurst, You’ll Find Recipes For

woman holding a green smoothie

Natural Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics & Borderline Diabetics

Turn your green smoothie’s low sugar sour or tart fruits and foods, like blueberries and Greek yogurt, sweet with our MiraBurst miracle berries.

blueberries, apples, and pomegranates

Miracle Fruit Recipes For Chemotherapy Patients

Get more fruits and veggies into your day through juicing! Create the perfect antioxidant blast and more, and make your juice taste sweet with our MiraBurst miracle berries.

strawberry smoothie in a glass up close

Healthy Sugar Substitutes For Weight Loss & Low Sugar Lifestyles

Prevent blood sugar spikes and weight gain with pina colada and peachy mango superfood smoothies. Make them taste deliciously sweet with MiraBurst!

a child reaching for strawberries

Natural Sugar Alternatives For Children

Make life sweeter for the kids with healthy desserts, like low sugar yogurt mixed with pomegranate seeds or a blueberry or strawberry pie paired with miracle berries!

Sweets Without the Sugar

Our MiraBurst Miracle Berry Mini Squares and Freshly Frozen Miracle Berries can be paired with your favorite sour or tart low sugar recipes to make your snacks taste sweeter than ever! Look through our recipe decks to pair them with cocktails, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, fruit salads, and so much more!


The MiraBurst Way

Our all-natural miracle berry tablet mini squares can help you prevent blood sugar spikes after meals and finally overcome your struggle with sugar cravings. This superfruit is a taste-modifying berry that tricks the mind into perceiving sour or tart food, fruit, and drinks as sweet without any added sugar or sweeteners. Try it with our low sugar recipes today!


1 How do I use a MiraBurst Miracle Berry with low sugar recipes?

Place a MiraBurst Miracle Berry Mini Square on your tongue or chew on a MiraBurst Freshly Frozen Miracle Berry and allow it to dissolve completely on your tongue. Any tart or sour food, fruit, or drink you consume for up to an hour will taste sweet. While you are not going to add it to a recipe or cook with it, our recipes help guide the perfect pairings!

2 What types of fruits do miracle berries pair well with?

The MiraBurst miracle berry pairs well with several fruits used in healthy diabetes recipes, including berries, citrus fruits, low sugar green smoothies, Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and more.

3 Why do miracle berries work so well with low sugar recipes?

When you consume miracle berries, they temporarily trick the mind into perceiving sour or tart foods as sweet due to the berries’ active ingredient called miraculin. The miraculin activates the taste buds’ sweet receptors. It does not work with all types of foods (like a sandwich)—only sour or tart food, fruit, and drinks.