Healthy and Tasty Low Sugar Recipes

Visit this page to learn more about all the possibilities of using MiraBurst with your favorite sour or tart fruits, foods, or drinks including smoothies!

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woman holding a green smoothie

Green Smoothies

Find examples of how to turn your green smoothies sweet by adding sour or tart fruits and foods like strawberries and Greek yogurt.

Fruit Smoothies

Get more fruits and veggies into your day through smoothies! Create the perfect antioxidant blast and more, and make your smoothie taste sweet with MiraBurst.

lime martini with limes all around

Sugar Free Cocktails

Enjoy the taste of sugar free cocktails with some of our recommended pairings!

Fruit Salad

Find recipes for healthy low sugar snacks and desserts such as fruit salads composed of only sour or tart fruits!

Video Testimonials

Check out these videos to see how people use the MiraBurst miracle berry!