MiraBurst’s Miracle Berry: Nature’s ultimate companion to all sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks

Temporarily activates the taste buds on the tongue and tricks the mind into perceiving sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks as sweet.

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A woman drinking a MiraBurst Miracle Berry smoothie in the kitchen
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Introducing Nature’s Solution to Enjoying Sour or Tart Fruits, Foods, and Drinks

Many of us are addicted to sugar and sweets so healthy fruits, foods, and drinks which tend to be sour or tart simply don’t taste delicious or sweet enough for a lot of us to enjoy. However, nature gave us the miracle fruit which solves this problem by tricking the mind to perceive sour or tart as sweet.

When the MiraBurst miracle berry, also called the miracle fruit, is consumed, the taste buds become activated, and sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks turn sweet without any added sugar or sweetener.

It can help us …

  • enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle and maintain permanent weight loss
  • cut down on the consumption of sugar and processed foods
  • satisfy sugar cravings and prevent blood sugar spikes

Because this berry is highly perishable, our products are converted into powder and compressed into squares. These whole and freeze-dried Miracle Berry Mini-Squares dissolve instantly on your tongue and work for up to an hour.

The best part? You can enjoy their benefits guilt-free: they contain no sugar, no additives, and no preservatives.


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What to Eat and Drink with MiraBurst

fruit salad in a bowl

Fruit Salad

strawberry smoothie in a glass

Fruit Smoothies

green smoothie glass near berries

Green Smoothie with Berries

yogurt parfait with berries and granola

Fermented Foods

lemon water near lemon slices

Lemonades and Fruit Juices

How to Use Miracle Berry Products

Freeze-Dried Whole Berries:

Place one or two freeze-dried berries on your tongue.
Slowly chew on the flesh of the fruit while avoiding the seed in the middle.
Enjoy your sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks immediately!

MiraBurst Mini-Squares:

Remove a MiraBurst Mini-Square from the blister pack and place it on the tongue.
Let it completely dissolve on the tongue. Do not chew the mini-square.
Enjoy your sour or tart foods, fruits, and drinks immediately!

Why Use the MiraBurst Taste-Modifying Berry Instead of Sweeteners?

Unlike sweeteners, MiraBurst works by removing the sour or tart taste of fruits, foods, or drinks and gives them a naturally enhanced clean sweet taste.

A superfruit that contains antioxidants, and it is gluten- and allergen-free.

Contains zero calories and does not change the natural composition of your fruit, food, or drink.

No aftertaste (unlike most non-caloric natural sweeteners, like stevia or monk fruit).

No long-term potential health issues, unlike artificial sweeteners.

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The Benefits of MiraBurst Products

Our game-changing taste modifier — the miracle berry — is key to enjoying a low sugar eating lifestyle. It’s an excellent natural sugar substitute for diabetics, borderline diabetics, those living a keto lifestyle, weight-conscious consumers, and mocktail/cocktail lovers.

A pink strawberry smoothie next to a bowl of strawberries

Miracle fruit tablets, mini squares, or freeze-dried whole berries turn any sour or tart fruit—as well as low-carb, low-sugar, and high-fiber foods and fruits—into deliciously sweet snacks and desserts without any added sweetener or sugar.

a berry fruit salad

Our freeze-dried Miracle Berry Mini-Squares are superfruits that help you to satisfy your cravings for sugar and sweets in a natural and easy way.

This means everyone, including diabetics and pre-diabetics, can use MiraBurst as their go-to product for enjoying low-sugar fruits, foods, and drinks. Just consume one freeze-dried berry or allow one mini-square to dissolve on your tongue before you enjoy your sour or tart fruit, food, or drink.

lime martini with limes all around

The MiraBurst taste modifier can help you to elevate the taste of any cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to the highest level of satisfaction possible without adding any sugar or sweetener.

a woman drinking apple cider lemon water

Create a tasty, sugar-free lemonade by pairing MiraBurst miracle fruit products with lemon water or apple cider vinegar in lemon water. These drinks can help to hydrate your body and prevent blood sugar spikes after meals.

a plant with miracle berries growing

Miracle berries are a superfruit rich in antioxidants and essential plant nutrients that help with managing blood sugar.


Video Testimonials

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