MiraBurst is more than a taste-changing party trick. Miracle fruit tablets have practical uses for people from all walks of life!

Miraburst™ is an ideal solution for:

Easy Healthy Living

If you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, MiraBurst miracle berry tablets allow you to incorporate healthier options into your diet without using added sugars or chemical sweeteners to enhance their taste. For example, with miracle fruit, lemon water can easily replace sugary soda and help you manage your caloric intake. Browse the site to learn more about how MiraBurst miracle fruit tablets can help support a healthier diet

Chemotherapy Patients

MiraBurst miracle fruit berry products have been found to be beneficial in temporarily masking the metallic taste associated with chemotherapy treatment. For up to 90 minutes, while the active ingredient (miraculin) is altering taste receptors on the tongue, the effects of “metal mouth” can be significantly lessened. Clinical studies show that as many as 50% of chemotherapy patients believe MiraBurst’s miracle berry products can help them enjoy normal food again. Find out more about how MiraBurst can help chemotherapy patients overcome “metal mouth.”

Picky Eaters

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to finish their fruits and vegetables? MiraBurst’s “magic berry” tablets are perfect for sweetening the deal! Make healthy food fun and irresistible with taste-changing magic that will have your children reaching for seconds. Learn more about MiraBurst for children today!

Taste Trippers

MiraBurst is fun to share, especially when exploring culinary adventures! Customers are buying MiraBurst for “Taste Tripping” parties, where guests can eat a MiraBurst miracle berry tablet before sampling a wide variety of foods and beverages. This is a must-try for party-goers who would like to experience amazing taste sensations! Find out more about how to throw a flavor-tripping party!

Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics

The MiraBurst Easy Melt Tablet is perfect for diabetics and pre-diabetics who want to satisfy their sweet tooth while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. With miracle fruit tablets, a healthy diabetic drink like lemon water with apple cider vinegar can turn into lemonade — without any added sugar or sweeteners! Additionally, MiraBurst tablets contain active polyphenols that may help improve insulin sensitivity and may help stabilize blood glucose. Learn more about the flavor tripping possibilities for diabetics and pre-diabetics.