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What is a Low Sugar Lifestyle?

When you indulge in any favorite sweet treat, like cookies and ice cream – you feel on top of the world. But not long after that comes the infamous sugar crash. And the guilt of giving in once again to your stubborn sweet tooth. Now, you’re ready to finally adopt a low sugar eating lifestyle.

Eating low sugar foods with the MiraBurst Miracle Berry can help you to retrain and recondition your taste buds to get used to less sugar. This will help you to make healthier food choices and, therefore, follow a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying mealtimes.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about leading a lifestyle that involves consuming less sugar and how MiraBurst Miracle Berries can help you enjoy those foods.

Following a Low Sugar Lifestyle

Developing low sugar eating habits involves reducing your intake of sweeteners and added sugars. You can easily do this by consuming low sugar foods, which is the first step that most nutritionists will recommend for improving your health.

Adopting a diet that is completely sugar-free can help you temporarily lead a healthier lifestyle, but this type of diet is generally hard to manage and often fails. Adopting a low sugar lifestyle, on the other hand, isn’t as restrictive and is a more viable option for enhancing your overall health and wellness.

A Low Sugar Eating Menu

If you’re interested in following a low sugar meal regimen, you can incorporate a wide variety of low sugar fruits and vegetables into your daily eating habit. These include cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, and asparagus. Some fruits and dairy products that contain natural sugar are okay to eat when you’re adhering to a diet that is low in sugar, as well. These food items range from berries (e.g. strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) to citrus fruits to green smoothies to Greek yogurt. Several grain-based foods are also naturally low in sugar and can be added to your menu. These range from brown rice to barley, oats, and whole-grain pasta.

When following a diet that is low in sugar, you can also consume foods that are naturally sugar-free, such as some proteins and fats. Approved proteins include seafood, poultry, and tofu. In addition, fats that contain minimal or no sugar include nuts, seeds, and olive oil.

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Foods to Avoid

As you seek to eat more low sugar foods, keep in mind that several foods and drinks should be avoided. These include sugary cocktails, sugary beverages and soda, and packaged snacks, such as pretzels and chips. You should also steer clear of white flour and white bread. Refined forms of sugar, like table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, shouldn’t be consumed, either.

In addition, any fruits that have high-glycemic indexes should not be consumed if you’re trying to eat less sugar. That’s because a high-glycemic fruit may raise your blood sugar level too much and too quickly. Fruits that are high-glycemic include watermelon, cantaloupe, and bananas.

Low-glycemic fruits, on the other hand, are perfectly fine to consume. In addition to eating the low sugar berries mentioned earlier, you can eat grapefruit, lemons, limes, mulberries, oranges, pomegranates, and cranberries.

The problem with some of these fruits and even Greek yogurt, though, is that they tend to be sour or tart, which might be a turnoff for you. However, the MiraBurst Miracle Berry can help foods that are tart or sour taste sweet. That’s because it is a natural taste modifier that tricks the mind to perceive tart or sour foods, fruits, and drinks as sweet-tasting.

Low Sugar Eating Benefits

Eating low sugar foods offers numerous benefits. For example, it can help you to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. This is a benefit for anyone and everyone, but it’s especially critical if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. It can also help you to manage your weight, as high-sugar foods can quickly contribute to weight gain.

By adopting low sugar eating, you’ll also increase your awareness of your sugar intake each day and will therefore be more inclined to concentrate on your personal nutrition.

High-Sugar Eating Risk

Consuming low sugar foods is so important because consuming many added sugars in your diet is detrimental to your health. High sugar consumption can lead to chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes and obesity. Because sugary foods and drinks contain high triglyceride (fat) levels, they can also lead to heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Eating high amounts of sugar may furthermore increase your risk of cancer and depression.

Make Sour Foods Sweet With MiraBurst Miracle Berry Products & Eat Less Sugar Today

At MiraBurst, we make it easier and more enjoyable to eat low sugar foods with our Miracle Berry products. Foods that are tart or sour will temporarily taste sweet after you allow one of the MiraBurst Miracle Berry products to dissolve on your tongue. Try out this natural alternative to sugar and sweeteners, and enjoy a low sugar lifestyle!

Dr. Emmanuel Asare

Dr. Emmanuel Asare

“Dr. Emmanuel Asare is a leading physician whose mission is to help people reduce their intake of processed foods and sugars by making healthy eating deliciously sweet every day. After receiving his own borderline diabetes diagnosis, Dr. Asare founded MiraBurst in 2014 with the goal to educate the public—especially diabetics/borderline diabetics, weight conscious, keto, and healthy eaters—on how to enjoy a low sugar lifestyle. This is all through the miracle berry from his homeland in Ghana—a taste-modifying superfruit that tricks the mind into perceiving sour or tart food, fruit, and drinks as sweet without any added sugars or sweeteners.”

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