MiraBurst + Low Sugar Cocktails
Gives A WOW Taste Sensation!

The MiraBurst miracle berry makes happy hour sweet
but with none of the standard sugar, syrups, or sweeteners. Cheers!
a person making a lemon cocktail with Miracle Berries

Cocktails for any Low-Sugar Lifestyle

MiraBurst provides a natural and healthy solution for eliminating sugar and syrups in cocktails while elevating the taste to an even higher level of satisfaction. With MiraBurst, any low-sugar alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail will taste sweet if it contains lime, lemon, or any other sour or tart fruit juice.

How to Use MiraBurst with Cocktails

red Miracle Berries growing on a bush

1. Use a MiraBurst Mini Square

While waiting for your cocktail, let one MiraBurst Mini Square dissolve and coat your tongue before drinking your cocktail. The Mini Square will supercharge your sweet receptors on your tongue so alcoholic cocktails like a margarita or wine will taste deliciously sweet with no added sugar or sweetener!

lime martini with limes all around

2. Make Your Cocktail

Make your favorite cocktail as normal. If it’s already an alcoholic drink low in sugar, you don’t need to modify the recipe. If the cocktail is made with simple syrup or any additional sugar or sweetener, remove them from the recipe. This will let the MiraBurst Miracle Berry and other ingredients shine. We suggest using cocktail recipes that include sour or tart fruit juices like lime, lemon, strawberry, orange, or grapefruit.
These are the fruits that will work best with the Miracle Berry to turn sour or tart drinks deliciously sweet!

many colorful low sugar cocktails

3. Sip and Enjoy

Now it’s time to enjoy your naturally-sweetened, low-sugar cocktail. The effects of the MiraBurst Miracle Berry last up to an hour. That’s plenty of time to sip and savor your favorite drinks without affecting the taste of snacks or meals you plan to enjoy later.

If you’re interested in using MiraBurst Miracle Berry at your bar or restaurant, we’d love to help you make the most of every cocktail for guests who need or want to avoid sugar. Contact us today to learn about the benefits of Miracle Berry, and to discuss bulk ordering options.