MiraBurst and Cocktails?

One MiraBurst Miracle Berry makes happy hour a lot sweeter with
no sugar or harmful additives. Cheers!

Low-Sugar Cocktails for the Win

Low-sugar cocktails don’t have to taste bad. It’s called “happy hour” for a reason. The Miracle Berry taste modifier turns sour
spirits or tart fruit juices into sweet treats, without sugar, syrups, or artificial sweeteners. With miracle berries,
alcohol is less likely to put your healthy low-sugar diet at risk. Along with wine, cocktails are a great
pairing with the Miracle Berry. Here’s how to use MiraBurst Miracle Berry to enjoy cocktails.

How to Use Miracle Berry with Cocktails

Make Your Cocktail:

Make your favorite cocktail as normal. If it’s already an alcoholic drink low in sugar, you don’t need to modify the recipe. If the cocktail is made with simple syrup or other sugar, remove them from the recipe. This will let the Miracle Berry, spirits, and other ingredients shine. We suggest using cocktail recipes that include sour or tart fruit juices like lime, lemon, or grapefruit. These are the fruits that will work best with the Miracle Berry to turn sour drinks deliciously sweet!

Eat a Miracle Berry:

Now it’s time for miracle berries and the cocktail to work together for some sweet results. Eat one frozen Miracle Berry, or dissolve one tablet on your tongue. After eating just one of our tablets or miracle berries, alcohol in cocktails, or in a glass of your favorite wine, will taste sweet.

Sip and Enjoy:

Now it’s time to enjoy your naturally-sweetened, low-sugar cocktail. The effects of the MiraBurst Miracle Berry last from about thirty minutes to an hour. That’s plenty of time to sip and savor your favorite drinks without affecting the taste of snacks or meals you plan to enjoy later.

Cocktails for any Low-Sugar Lifestyle

At MiraBurst, we want everyone to enjoy life’s sweetness. Anyone for whom it’s safe to drink alcohol can enjoy their favorite libations with the Miracle Berry. Diabetics, pre-diabetics, and anyone who’s health-conscious can have a happier happy hour with help from MiraBurst. If you’re interested in using Miracle Berry at your bar or restaurant, we’d love to help you make the most of every cocktail for guests who need or want to avoid sugar. Contact us today to learn about the benefits of Miracle Berry, and to discuss bulk ordering options.
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