Cocktails Developed by Culinary Institute of America

These sugar-free recipes were developed by the Culinary Institute of America as an industry service to MiraBurst.

The Culinary Institute of America decided to collaborate with MiraBurst to develop these innovative recipes which are similar to recipes of popular cocktail drinks known to the public but modified to exclude sugar, syrups or any sweetener!

In an independent study conducted at the institute, MiraBurst was shown to significantly improve the taste of the sugar-free cocktail recipes in the eBook below.

These recipes demonstrate how any sour or tart alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails can be turned deliciously sweet with the help of MiraBurst miracle berry without any added sugar or sweetener.

We are confident you will love them. These recipes can be modified to suit individual taste. The miracle berry is something you truly need to try for yourself to fully understand and appreciate it. We invite you to give it a try today!

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