Cocktails Developed by Culinary
Institute of America

MiraBurst provides a natural and healthy solution for eliminating sugar and syrups in cocktails while elevating the taste to an even higher level of satisfaction.

With MiraBurst, any low-sugar alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail will taste sweet if it contains lime, lemon, or any other sour or tart fruit juice (such as strawberry or orange).
The Culinary Institute of America developed these sugar-free recipes as an industry service to MiraBurst.

The Culinary Institute of America decided to collaborate with MiraBurst to develop these innovative recipes which are similar to recipes of popular cocktail drinks known to the public but modified to exclude sugar, syrups or any sweetener!

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Step 1: While waiting for your cocktail, let one MiraBurst Mini Square dissolve completely on the tongue to activate your taste buds.

Step 2: Prepare the cocktail as usual, leaving out the sugar and syrups. Keep any sour or tart ingredients such as lime, lemon, or other sour or tart fruit juice such as strawberry or orange.

Step 3: Enjoy the deliciously sweet sensation without the guilt that comes with sugary additives or ingredients

Taste The Sweet Sensation of MiraBurst!

Enjoy sweet-tasting foods and drinks without any added sugar or sweeteners!