Miracle Fruit for Children

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The MiraBurst Miracle Berry Is Great For Kids

Encouraging your children to eat healthy can feel like an uphill battle in a society where processed foods are available at nearly every turn. Fortunately, at MiraBurst, our Miracle Berry products are an ideal option for any parent looking to help their kids enjoy low-sugar sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks without relying on sugar or sweeteners.  

The MiraBurst miracle berry is a natural taste modifier. It simply works by activating the taste buds and tricking the mind to perceive sour or tart as sweet. Thus, it is easier than ever to replace unhealthy foods with healthier options, like freshly squeezed orange juice or deliciously sweet-tasting strawberries, by modifying the taste of nutritious yet sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks to a deliciously sweet taste!

Why Children Need the MiraBurst Miracle Berry

  • Current scientific evidence shows that reducing the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages reduces the risk of childhood obesity.
  • When children develop healthy eating habits early in life, there is a high likelihood that it will stay with them throughout their adult life.
  • It is important for parents to know that sugar is the main cause of cavities and tooth decay. 
  • Sugar has been shown to be addictive, and, therefore, the less sugar children consume, the less they are going to crave it

Low Sugar Fruits to Pair with MiraBurst

Our MiraBurst Miracle Berry products are a safe and simple way to help your children develop a low-sugar-eating habit that they will enjoy for life. MiraBurst is  all-natural,  healthy, has no aftertaste, and contains no additives or preservatives. In addition, the MiraBurst miracle berry pairs best with a wide variety of berries and other fruits that your children may not readily eat on their own, including the following:

  • Berries (such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc)
  • Citrus Fruits (such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc)
  • Kiwis
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Apples (especially Granny Smiths)
  • Watermelon

Your children can use the MiraBurst Miracle Berry to make their smoothies, fruit salads, and yogurt parfaits taste deliciously sweet without any added sugars or sweeteners. In no time, your children’s not-so-favorite nutritious fruits, drinks, and foods will taste sweeter and more delicious than ever (even for the pickiest kids!).

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How Does the MiraBurst Mini Square Work?

When you consume a MiraBurst Mini Square, it activates your taste buds and temporarily tricks your mind to perceive sour or tart as sweet .Click here to visit our ‘How to Use’ Page where we explain the steps to using MiraBurst to make sure you are getting the most of this unique berry!

Contact us to learn more about how MiraBurst can help diabetics, pre-diabetics, weight and health-conscious population, chemotherapy patients, and anyone trying to improve their health!

At MiraBurst, we understand that everyone must try the miracle berry for themselves to truly appreciate the “miracle” of nature. So we are offering FREE samples, just pay for shipping!

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