Need to Eat More Veggies? Learn How to Enhance their Flavor with MiraBurst™ Miracle Berry Tablets

Miracle berry tablets enhance the flavor of vegetables

It’s no secret that eating healthier can be a difficult process. Some people make a gradual change, while others attempt to cut out unhealthy food altogether, substituting high fat processed foods with healthier alternatives like fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for dieters looking to make a lifestyle change, sometimes eating healthy might not be flavorful. Without the use of salad dressings and vegetable dips, some individuals find it difficult to consume the proper amount of vegetables.

There are some new and interesting ways that people can flavor vegetables to stay healthy. For instance, salads can be flavored with sprinkles of lemon, lime, olive oil, or vinegar. This eliminates the need for fatty salad dressings like ranch or bleu cheese. Olive oil and vinegar have been praised for their nutritional value. Both substances are staples in the Mediterranean diet, a food regimen that has been gaining much recognition for its health benefits.

Using miracle berry tablets

While vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice might not taste as palatable on its own, it can be combined with MiraBurst™ miracle berry products to enhance the taste of salads. Our products, like our Easy-Melt Miracle Berry Tablets, contain Miraculin, a rare glycoprotein found in miracle berry pulp, which binds to taste buds and temporarily alters taste receptors. It has a special ability to make sour and acidic foods taste sweet. It can also make naturally sweet foods taste even sweeter.

Miracle berry tablets can transform boring foods

Want to try it out? Try making a salad and dressing it with lemon or vinegar. Consume one of our miracle berry products prior to eating the salad to transform the taste of the vinegar, and create a delicious, all-natural and healthy salad dressing! The change in taste lasts up to 90 minutes, which is more than enough time to sit down and have a full meal at home or at a restaurant. For an alternative to vegetable dips, try pairing lemon and sour cream with carrots and other vegetables.

Feel free to get creative by using MiraBurst™ miracle berry tablets with your own recipes. Want to know what other foods can be used with MiraBurst™ products? Browse our websitefor more information before ordering miracle berries online.

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