The MiraBurst® Berry | MiraBurst® History & Research About the MiraBurst® Miracle Berry & Fruit
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The MiraBurst® Berry

Also referred to as the miracle fruit, the miraculous berry, or the sweet berry, this special berry has an amazing power to transform the flavor of sour and acidic foods and make them taste sweet.

The powerful agent within MiraBurst® miracle berries is Miraculin. This natural substance is found within the pulp of the miracle fruit and binds to the taste receptors on the tongue. When sour and acidic foods are consumed, the sweet taste receptors are activated or “supercharged” and therefore the food is perceived by the consumer as sweet. Its effect lasts up to 60 minutes.

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A healthy way to transform the taste of sour and acidic foods and drinks into something delectably sweet! Experience the sweet sensation with MiraBurst products and sweeten up your life while giving your health a boost with its many health benefits!