Bye, Bye Metal Mouth! How Miracle Berries Can Help Chemotherapy Patients

Flavor issues and miracle berries

When you or someone you love has to endure chemotherapy, it can be a challenging struggle. One of the unfortunate side effects of chemotherapy is a loss or change in the way foods and liquids taste. This condition is called dysgeusia, and it happens to about half of patients receiving chemotherapy treatment. Dysgeusia affects the four main types of taste:

  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Bitter
  • Salty

While some people may only experience this side effect infrequently, others can experience a dramatic loss or change in taste. Often times, chemotherapy patients will say that many foods that are high in protein taste like metal. This common taste change is sometimes referred to as “metal mouth.” Taste disturbances can often lead to bigger issues like an aversion to certain types of food, weight loss, and loss of appetite. When undergoing chemotherapy, nutrition is of vital importance. Losing weight and not wanting to eat can undermine the body’s healing process.

Unfortunately, there are no specific treatments designed to help patients regain their sense of taste.

How do miracle berries come in to help?

However, our products can help! MiraBurst™ can effectively mask metallic tastes and food aversions. Our products are made with miracle berries, a fruit from West Africa that contains miraculin, a glycoprotein. This protein has the ability to temporarily modify taste receptors for up to 90 minutes. After consuming our miracle berry tablets, naturally acidic and sour foods will taste sweet for a short period of time.

Do you know someone going through chemotherapy? Tell them about MiraBurst™!

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