Pucker Up with Miracle Berries! Here’s How You Can Transform Plain Lemon Water into Lemonade

Miracle berries can transform that beverage in your hand. Sometimes nothing can quench your thirst like a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade. It’s that mixture of sour and sweet that makes the drink so irresistible!

Unfortunately, store-bought lemonade usually contains a myriad of unhealthy ingredients, like artificial coloring, preservatives and heaps of sugar. In an 8-ounce glass of lemonade, there is typically about 25 grams of sugar. To put that into perspective, the American Heart Association recommends 37 grams of sugar per day for men and 25 grams per day for women. High-sugar diets have been linked to a many health problems, including Type 2 diabetes.

Cutting out high-sugar beverages can be difficult for many people. It can be especially difficult for children who love their snack-time beverages, like juice, lemonade and soda. A healthy alternative is water flavored with real lemon juice, which contains many beneficial nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Unfortunately, lemon water lacks the sweetness of lemonade.

So how do miracle berries come into play?

That’s where MiraBurstTM comes in! Our miracle berry products, like our MiraBurst easy-melt tablets, can temporarily alter how your taste buds perceive sour and acidic foods, transforming the taste of plain lemon water into lemonade without any added sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives!

Miracle berry instructions
Start by filling up a pitcher with water and cut up several pieces of lemon. Squeeze the juice from the lemons, and let the rinds soak in the water for 5-10 minutes. Pour a glass of lemon water, but be sure to use one of our miracle berries products before you drink it. MiraBurstTM products contain miraculin, a special glycoprotein that temporarily changes your taste receptors to make sour and acidic foods taste sweet. After using one of our products, drinking lemon water will taste like drinking real lemonade.

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