The Important Applications of Miracle Fruit

The miracle berry and miracle berry pills have found a cult audience with taste-tripping parties. Although these can be fun, miracle berries have some very important applications that have little to do with parties.

Did the FDA Ensure Our Addiction to Sugar?

As a revolutionary discovery, the miracle berry could have rivaled the sugar and chemical sweetener industries with its potential as a natural sweetener. But the people who tried to bring it to market as such claimed they may have been thwarted by the sugar industry in a hasty about-face by the FDA.

Just as they were about to be approved to launch their new natural sweetener, the FDA suddenly labeled the miracle berry as a “food additive” even though the fruit had been eaten for centuries in Africa. This required substantial testing that was just not affordable at the time. Consequently, the revolutionary sweetener never received its FDA approval. Regardless, people have found multiple important applications for the miracle fruit.

No Need For Sugar

Miracle berries have been used as a supplement for people who should not eat sugar. Because it is sugar-free, it’s unique taste modifying properties have allowed people on restricted diets and with diabetes the ability to experience a sweet flavor while controlling their intake of actual sugar.

Stabilize Blood Glucose Levels

Studies have shown that the miracle fruit and miracle berry tablets have the ability to stabilize blood glucose levels. This is not only important in the fight against obesity and diabetes, but many cancers feed off of glucose in the system. This capability has incredible implications for people who are weight and sugar conscious as well as cancer patients.

Revive Appetite For Chemotherapy Patients

Another application of the miracle fruit in its taste modifying capabilities is the way that it can counteract a chemotherapy patient’s typical side effect of the metallic taste of foods. This can often exacerbate an unwillingness to want to eat when it is especially important to their strength and immune system. Adding miracle fruit tablets before a meal often means that cancer patients can revive their appetite.

Flavor Enhancer

In the case of those required to take bitter medications, it can help make these more palatable. Especially when it comes to children, the flavor enhancing properties of miracle berries can make it possible to get children to eat vegetables that they would normally refuse to eat.


Health Properties

Over and above its flavor enhancing properties, the miracle berry has been shown to have incredible health benefits. Studies show that they contain antioxidants and active polyphenols necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Miracle fruit can also inhibit oxidation of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil.

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