The Health Significance of the Miracle Berry

The miracle berry has flown somewhat under the radar since the FDA controversially changed its mind and labeled it as a food additive, making it impossible to use as an ingredient in foods without years of costly and painstaking studies. Even so, millions of people have discovered it’s amazing ability to change the taste of foods and change the way they experience sour or bitter foods.

The History

Miracle fruit first came to us by way of the French explorer Chevalier des Marchais when he was sent to map Whydah, now the African country of Benin. In 1775, he chronicled a berry that the locals would chew prior to eating their foods. The effect made many foods taste sweet, eliminating the need for sugar or sweeteners. Although the market exists for the miracle fruit to be potentially cultivated as a natural sweetener, the current research has shown that these berries are also full of good things on their own.

The Benefits

With less than 1 calorie and .04 grams of natural sugar per berry, they are actually lower than our common blueberry in terms of calories and sugars. When compared to strawberries and raspberries, the miracle berry fares even better.

The health benefits of the berry seem equally as optimistic as its abilities to alter taste. The research shows that these berries are rich in important antioxidants. Twelve phenolics were identified in the flesh of the fruit alone. Extract from the flesh showed that it is capable of scavenging and reducing free radicals. These findings show that the berry itself may provide health-promoting functions that rival other fruits consumed today.

Although each berry only provides a small amount of protein, as a fruit that may be potentially cultivated and used as a food source, it ranks among the highest in protein of all fruits. The miracle berry also contains all essential amino acids such as lysine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid as well as high levels of leucine.


The Health Benefits Already Being Seen

We have already seen some of the health benefits of the miracle berry. As a potential sugar replacement, it may have obvious implications for our current epidemic of diabetes. In fact, one study showed improved insulin resistance in rats after being fed miracle berries. Another study showed a reduction in uric acid levels in mice at a rate equal to prescription medications used today.

We already see cancer patients getting great relief in the chemo side effect of suppressed appetite. Not only does the way patients experience the taste of food get altered but many types of cancers thrive off high blood glucose. In using the miracle berry to experience sweetness without the use of sugar, cancer patients could potentially reduce their sugar intake.

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