Science Confirms the Healthy Attributes of Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®

We’ve known the flavor enhancing properties of the miracle berry for a long time. We now know it’s impressive health properties due to new studies. But now we are understanding the health attributes not only of the miracle fruit itself but also of the oils extracted from the seed.

New Healthy Properties of the Miracle Fruit

The miracle fruit, otherwise known as synsepalum dylcificum, is a small berry native to West Africa that has shown remarkable properties. Not only does it alter the way we experience the taste of bitter or sour food but it contains a multitude of its own health properties.

Science Gives a Thumbs-Up on Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®

New clinically proven studies published in peer-reviewed journals have now proven the healthy benefits of the oil from the seed of the miracle fruit. Oil extracted from the seeds was studied at both the University of Florida and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies were conducted by both a dermatologist and an orthopedist using sophisticated equipment. The results were then published in both the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology and the Phytotherapy Research Journal.

It was found that the oil extracted from the miracle berry contained more than 20 percent of its weight as the bioactive-rich fraction. This is one of the highest amounts ever recorded in a fruit seed oil.

The oil was also found to contain impressive amounts of phytonutrients:

  • Vitamin K1, linoleic acid, and elemental silicon – these play a vital role in the structure of joints, skin, hair, and nails
  • Palmitic acid and squalene – these lipids are similar to those produced by our own oil glands. They have been shown to have the capacity to moisturize, strengthen, and protect hair and skin from aging and damage.
  • Polyphenols that protect and repair damage caused by free radicals.
  • Triterpenoids and phytosterols which possess anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and regenerative properties.


Products that Contain Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®

Patent-pending Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® is now available in limited products manufactured by the Miracle Fruit Oil Company. Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment has been clinically proven to prevent and reduce hair breakage and damage caused by chemicals, physical agents, UV rays, heat, and pollution. It led to a 200 percent increase in hair mass and stronger hair by preventing and reducing breakage and split ends. Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment even outperformed a leading hair oil brand.

Many hair products on the market today make claims of stronger and healthier hair but the cosmetics industry has little regulation of claims made by these companies. Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment is one of the only products that has had the benefit of clinical studies that scientifically prove its efficacy.

At MiraBurst®, we are excited to offer this proprietary product for your use toward healthy hair. You can buy Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment through our website at /product/miracle-fruit-seed-oil-treatment/.

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