The Dangers of Synthetic Artificial Sweeteners

Since 1879 when a synthetic compound was discovered by a student researcher at Johns Hopkins and later marketed as saccharine, we have had a love-hate relationship with artificial sweeteners. But, as a society, we have been driven to find no-calorie solutions to our sugar cravings. The predominant theory throughout our battle with weight and health problems was that it was a matter of calories in vs. calories out.

Calories Are Only Part of the Equation

We now know that it is far more complex than calories. We now have an epidemic of Type-2 Diabetes all the while downing gallons of diet drinks and eating low-fat diets. So if we know that our current system of “diet” foods isn’t working, why are we still perpetuating the same old products in new forms under new names?

The Money Making Diet Industry

The diet industry generates $55 billion a year and the majority of that is paid by Americans desperate to lose weight. Science knows that losing weight should be the byproduct of changing to a healthy, long-term and sustainable way of eating. But like many things in our society, we want fast and easy. And so the diet industry continues to thrive.

Hijacking Our Taste Buds, Tricking Our Gut

Artificial sweeteners have been one of those products that we continue to buy into even though studies are now showing that the artificial sweeteners on the market are not only dangerous but can cause weight gain instead of weight loss. Our craving for sweetness can be biologically linked to fruit. But today’s artificial sweeteners are exponentially sweeter than natural sources and even common table sugar. Sucralose, marketed as Splenda, is 600 times sweeter and a new emerging sweetener, neotame, is 7,000 sweeter than sugar.

This love affair with artificial sweeteners has tricked our taste buds into wanting more sweetness than we can possibly get from natural sources. They also confuse our gut, our hunger signals, and our insulin. Despite the fact that these artificial sweeteners have no calories, they still cause your body to release insulin which in turn increases cravings.

Consuming a Whole and Balanced Diet

The right way to balance weight and get the body working in harmony with food is to consume more whole and balanced foods instead of chemical compounds. Unfortunately, our taste buds have been hijacked to want the high levels of sweetness that we get in our diet sodas and artificially sweetened foods. This makes it difficult to get the same type of satisfaction from our natural fruits and vegetables.

Making Healthy Food Taste Good

One way we can train ourselves to indulge in a new healthful eating process is to utilize miracle fruit. This is a species of berry native to countries in Africa that has been utilized by natives for their ability to make bitter foods taste good. On their own, they have little taste but contain a glycoprotein that makes taste buds experience tastes differently. Not only does the miracle berry change the way taste buds experience food but they have other advantages. New studies implicate the miracle berry as a potential new generation of anti-diabetes protocols.


Easy Tablet Form

Miracle berries can now be consumed in tablet form for added ease. Miracle fruit tablets are one of the simplest ways to enhance the way you experience wholesome foods in your quest for a healthy lifestyle. Forget artificial sweeteners and add the miracle berry to your healthy diet. At MiraBurst™, we have several convenient ways to add the miracle berry to your lifestyle.

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