The Application of Miracle Berries With Cancer Patients

To cancer patients, new discoveries are often life-saving. But there is one thing that has prompted excitement over the last few years that has little to do with cancer research. The miracle berry.

Chemotherapy’s Assault on Taste Buds

For those cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy, eating may no longer be a pleasurable pastime. Not only can chemotherapy induce terrible nausea but one of the most common complaints of cancer patients is an overwhelming metallic taste when undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Chemotherapy can damage taste buds which changes the way patients experience the taste of food. Nearly 50% of all chemotherapy patients experience some change in the taste of food and these changes have an effect on their appetite as a whole. The aversion to food can lead to weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, and can ultimately interfere with the patient’s own natural healing processes.

The Miracle of the Miracle Berry

Over the last few decades, many cancer patients have been introduced to the miracle berry. The true miracle of this fruit is that it has helped countless chemotherapy patients with their taste distortion. For a short time after chewing the fruit, everything sour or bitter becomes sweet and they are once again able to tolerate the smell and taste of food.

Here in the United States, studies have been conducted by Mount Sinai Medical Center and Creighton University Medical Center with encouraging results for the use of these small berries with cancer patients. Freeze dried versions of miracle berries are now available in hospital pharmacies.

Great Health Applications

Native to countries in West Africa, this tropical berry grows on small trees and has been used by the native people to enhance the taste of their food for centuries. Over the last few decades, this little berry has come to the interest of many people in the west for its inherent qualities of taste enhancement. The berries themselves don’t have much taste but their glycoprotein, called miraculin, helps enhance the flavor of other foods. Today we see many great applications not only for cancer patients but diabetics and people who want to manage their weight and health.

Simple Science

The science behind the miracle berry is deceptively simple. The tongue has different taste receptors. When the miracle fruit is chewed and consumed, the miraculin attaches to the sour and bitter receptors on the tongue preventing sour or bitter foods from being tasted.


Convenient Forms of Miracle Fruit

Once picked, the miraculin protein only remains active for about 48 hours in its fruit form, but now miracle berry pills and tablets are available as well as freshly frozen berries. With MiraBurst™ convenient quick melt miracle berry tablets, individuals can conveniently modify the taste of sour or bitter foods into something that tastes sweet and delicious.

The Future Seems Bright

When it comes to miracle berries, we are just beginning to understand their life-enhancing applications. Not only for those who are dealing with traumatic health issues like cancer or diabetes, this tiny berry can hold the key to satisfying our craving for sweetness without the harmful consequences of sugar or dangerous artificial sweeteners. For this tiny fruit, the future seems bright with possibilities.

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  1. My wife and I are excited about getting your product Mira Burst for health issues. I am a diabetic and Peggy my wife is fighting Candida, Fibromyalgia and Low Thyroid.

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