The Miracle Berry and the Potential Future of Junk Food

In America today, the rate of obesity is higher than ever. In fact, it has hit epidemic proportions with nearly 40 percent of adults and 20 percent of adolescents tipping the scale in the obese range. This is the highest rate ever recorded in our history and doesn’t show any sign of letting up. This, despite all the sugar substitutes, “diet” foods, and fad diets and books, is our most pressing health concern as a nation. And childhood obesity is increasing throughout the world. The health prognosis is not a good one.

The Obesity Epidemic

The potential health consequences of this obesity epidemic are staggering. Besides being a huge burden on the healthcare system with nearly $190 billion a year resulting from health and lifestyle-related medical costs, the even bigger societal costs are people who needlessly suffer daily due to stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Humans seem to be hard-wired for a desire for foods high in fat and sugar and the standard American diet, or SAD diet, offers unlimited foods in those categories. And the junk food industry continues to boom, even though we know these foods are killing us.

What If There Was Another Answer?

But what if we could make healthy foods taste just as good, if not better than some of these junk foods that we seem to crave? A small berry called the miracle berry can move us in the right direction. When this berry is chewed and consumed, any sour or acidic foods or drinks that are consumed afterward for a period of time tastes sweet and delicious. In fact, this miracle fruit may just hold the key to significantly reducing sugar intake from our diets. Consuming a miracle berry before any bitter or sour food temporarily tricks your taste buds into thinking you are consuming a sweet item.

The Miracle Berry Trend

Although we know that a diet high in fruits and vegetables and an active lifestyle are the only true way to maintain good health, our bad habits and taste buds can hijack our best efforts. But the future of the miracle berry may just be an important component in breaking our sugar addiction. Today, there are food advocates, farmers, and chefs working diligently to bring these miracle berries to more people around the world.


A Natural Answer

Although the initial idea of making the miracle berry a sugar replacement has been around for nearly five decades, the FDA thwarted those efforts at a time when aspartame was being touted as the next big thing. Conspiracy theories were batted about when the FDA made it nearly impossible to sell miracle berries, calling them a “food additive”. While we now know some of the dangerous effects of aspartame, the miracle fruit has made a comeback as a natural answer to these synthetic sweeteners that have had little impact on our obesity problem.

Where Can I Buy Miracle Fruit?

Today there are companies offering the advantages of the miracle berry to average consumers. At MiraBurst™, we offer many convenient ways to take advantage of the benefits of the berry from freshly frozen berries to our convenient miracle fruit tablets. With MiraBurst™ products, you can begin to take better control of your health today.

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