The Best Temperature for Making Lemon Water

In a number of our recent blog posts, we highlighted the health benefits of drinking lemon water, including its ability to soothe sore throatsincrease your weight loss efforts, and bring allergy relief. Since lemons can provide so many benefits, it is important to get the most nutrition from them and much of this relies on the temperature you use when making your lemon water.

Should the Water Be Hot, Cold, or Somewhere In Between?

Because brewing tea and coffee is the most familiar water-extraction processes that most people use on a daily basis, there is a misconception that boiling or very hot water is also the best temperature for seeping lemons to make lemon water. However, both tea leaves and coffee beans are dried before they are used to make beverages and the drying process demands a high water temperature for proper extraction to take place.

Extracting enzymes and nutrients from fresh lemons is quite different than extracting the same properties from tea and coffee. The freshness of the lemons necessitates a gentler extraction process, so using boiling or hot water when making lemon water will destroy many of the properties you hope to retain from the lemons.

Cold water, on the other hand, hinders the water’s ability to absorb nutrients so many of the benefits of lemons are wasted when cold water is used to create lemon water. Additionally, research at the University of Southern California found that cold temperatures destroy the lemon’s Vitamin C, one of the citrus fruit’s most beneficial properties.

Since both hot and cold temperature extremes can negatively affect the enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients in lemons when making lemon water, room temperature water between 68 degrees to 79 degrees Fahrenheit is the best option. Many health experts also believe that drinking lemon water at room temperature provides the most digestive benefits, so making and keeping lemon water at room temperature is your healthiest choice.

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