Miracle Berry

How Miracle Fruit Changes the Way Your Taste Buds Work

Most of us enjoy fruits for their taste and nutritious qualities. But there is a new fruit in town that can overturn all we know about taste and health. Enter miracle berries.

A New Berry in Town

Miracle fruit, scientifically known at synsepalum dulcificum, is a native shrub that grows in West Africa. It was discovered by explorer Chevalier des Marchais during an excursion when he noticed the locals chewing it before their meals in order to improve the taste of their food. Miracle berries had the ability to modify the taste of bitter and bland food. He brought it back to share with his fellow Frenchmen and it has enjoyed an interesting, if rocky, subsequent history.

The Health Benefits

Today, we see new and improved health value when it comes to the miracle berry. With more studies coming out every day extolling the virtues of a healthy lifestyle, Americans want to get off the typical “dieting” bandwagon of yesteryear. Healthy whole foods and an active lifestyle are the true keys to weight management. But when it comes to our taste buds, we have taught them to crave our overly sweet American diet. That is where the miracle berry truly is a miracle.

Tricking Your Taste Buds

Today, miracle fruit still is used for enhancing the flavors of food. It does this by means of a protein called miraculin. This protein is thought to change your taste buds’ sweet receptors. This way, bitter, sour, and bland food register as sweet to your taste buds. What if you could trick your taste buds into loving kale?

The miracle berry itself has a very mild taste and is typically not used for its own flavor but what it does to the flavor of other foods. By tricking your tongue into believing that you are consuming sweet food with none of the consequences of actually eating sweet foods, miracle fruit has shown great promise when it comes to weight management. Each berry contains only 1 calorie yet can enable you to significantly reduce sugar from your diet. This has many health benefits.


The Implications of Miracle Berries and Diabetes

One of the most exciting aspects of miracle fruit is that studies show that it can have serious advantages when it comes to the treatment of individuals with diabetes. One study has shown that the fruit itself can improve insulin sensitivity. This research fed mice miracle fruit three times a day for three weeks after having a four-week fructose-rich diet. The miracle fruit actually seems to have reversed the glucose-insulin index of the mice which suggests that the fruit may soon help insulin sensitivity in diabetic humans.

Antioxidants of Its Own

Not only does the use of the miracle berry enhance the taste of important healthful foods that we experience as strong and bitter, but it possesses its own antioxidant properties. One study shows that researchers identified 12 phenolics and other antioxidants in the flesh of the fruit. The research is continuing to find amazing benefits when it comes to miracle fruit. This may only be the beginning.

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