Foods to Pair with MiraBurst® Miracle Berry Tablets

Whether you eat the miracle berry itself or use the MiraBurst Miracle berry tablet, the power of MiraBurst® miracle berries remains the same! Thanks to the active ingredient, Miraculin, the taste of sour or tart fruits, foods and drinks will be sweet without any added sugar or sweetener. Once you receive your MiraBurst products though, how do you know which foods and drinks to experiment with in your diet? The possibilities are really endless! Here are some suggestions to begin changing your eating habit to a healthier one.

Yogurt Parfait

A yogurt parfait made with unsweetened plain Greek yogurt and your favorite berries (eg. strawberries, blueberries or raspberries etc) can taste sweet like ice cream when paired with MiraBurst miracle berry tablets! This type of yogurt parfait is regarded as a diabetic superfood which is recommended by the American Diabetes Association.  MiraBurst with unsweetened Greek yogurt parfait is a healthy dessert or snack that can serve as a great source of antioxidants and other phytonutrients, vitamin D and probiotics which are all beneficial for healthy living and can help manage your blood sugar levels. To learn more about the benefits of diabetic superfoods for your health, please visit our Diabetics page.

Fruit Salad

An assorted fruit salad with berries, citrus fruits, melons, and other sour or tart fruits can be a sweet and nutritious snack when paired with MiraBurst. With the help of MiraBurst, fruit salads can help you satisfy your sweet tooth, cut down on processed foods and your sugar intake while providing antioxidants and other essential phytonutrients which are beneficial for your health. If you would like to read more about other ways MiraBurst can help you eat a healthier diet, please visit our Healthy Eaters page.

Lemon Water and Lemon Water with Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking lemon water can provide a plethora of health benefits such as aiding digestion, improving skin, providing Vitamin C and much more! Lemon water has also been shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels after meals while apple cider vinegar has been shown in clinical studies to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin thus helping to manage blood sugar levels. MiraBurst with lemon water is a great way to get the health benefits of consuming warm or hot lemon water while removing the sour taste of lemon juice. Click here to read more about the benefits of lemon water for your health:


One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lemon water can provide immense overall health benefits. It is great for the general health-conscious individual and a diabetic! Click here to read more about the benefits of apple cider vinegar:

However, the sour taste tends to make it difficult for many to enjoy and consume daily as we would like. With the help of MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets lemon water or apple cider vinegar in lemon water turn into lemonade without any added sugar or sweetener! MiraBurst tricks your mind into thinking that there is sugar in your drink and turns the sour or tart taste into sweet tasting. 

Fruit Smoothies

Drinking an unsweetened fruit smoothie with MiraBurst can satisfy your sweet tooth and be an alternative for sugar-loaded processed drinks such as sodas and sweetened fruit juices. Anyone who is struggling to make consumption of fruits an enjoyable daily habit is encouraged to try this combination. It is especially beneficial for children who are picky eaters and need to cut down on consumption of processed foods and sugar in order to prevent tooth decay and reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Green Smoothies with Fruit

Green smoothies are a great way to get your daily vegetable intake in a more convenient way. However, many don’t enjoy drinking green smoothies due to their taste. With the addition of fruits such as pineapples, strawberries and other berries or MiraBurst Miracle Berry tablets will turn green smoothies with fruits into a deliciously sweet meal to enjoy on a daily basis without any added sugar or sweetener. 

We encourage the addition of fruits to pure green smoothies because MiraBurst will not change the taste of vegetables alone. Most vegetables are neither sour nor tart, so the miracle berry will not change the taste. When sour or tart fruits are added to green vegetables to prepare a green smoothie with fruits, the smoothie can taste sweet and delicious with MiraBurst without any added sugar or sweetener!

Sugar Free Alcoholic Drinks

For those who like to drink alcoholic beverages but are also health conscious, you can use MiraBurst tablets with sugar free sour or tart alcoholic drinks to make your beverage sweet without any processed additives such as juices, sugar, sweeteners or syrups. Please visit our Recipes page to download an e-booklet of MiraBurst-friendly alcoholic drink recipes developed in collaboration with The Culinary Institute of America to try for yourself.

We can’t tell you what type of fruit, food, or drink to eat but whatever your choice is, we can surely make it naturally delicious, sweet and healthier for you so that you can enjoy a healthier eating habit on a daily basis! Try MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets and experience the sweet sensation for yourself! Nature has given us MiraBurst as the ultimate companion to sour or tart fruits, foods and drinks. No matter what your choice is, you never have to let a sour or tart taste stop you from eating your healthy fruits, foods or drinks again.

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