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Nature’s Ultimate Companion

to Enjoying a Low Sugar Lifestyle

How the MiraBurst Miracle Berry can help you enjoy a Healthy Low-Sugar Lifestyle

The MiraBurst miracle berry temporarily activates your taste buds and naturally turns any sour or tart fruit, food, or drink sweet without any added sugar or sweetener

MiraBurst can help you cut down on the consumption of sugar and processed foods by making healthy sour or tart fruits, foods and drinks more enjoyable so you will prefer to eat them on a daily basis.

Now sour or tart fruits, foods and drinks like  fruit and green smoothies with berries, sour or tart fruit salads, fermented foods and drinks, sugar-free lemonades, and fruit juices will have a deliciously sweet taste without any added sugar or sweetener!

How to Use Our Natural Sugar Substitute

Freeze-Dried Miracle Berries

Place one or two miracle berries on your tongue.
Slowly chew on the flesh of the fruit while avoiding the seed in the middle.
Enjoy your sour or tart food or drink immediately!

Miracle Berry Mini Squares

Remove a MiraBurst mini square from the blister pack, and place it on the tongue.
Let it completely dissolve on the tongue. Do not chew the mini square.
Enjoy your sour or tart food or drink immediately!

Explore the Miracle Berry: Nature’s Solution to enjoying sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks

The MiraBurst Miracle Berry will ultimately help you to develop a lifelong habit of healthy eating that you will enjoy. Our Freeze-Dried Whole Miracle Berries and Mini Squares are convenient and easy to use. Try it for yourself to truly appreciate the ‘miracle’ of nature!

Foods That Are Surprisingly High in Sugar

Several foods that you may enjoy each day are unexpectedly sugar-rich, including low-fat yogurts, lemonade, and seemingly healthy beverages, like fruit juices, premade smoothies, and iced tea. Other high-sugar foods and drinks include:

  • Sports drinks
  • Canned fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Cocktails (e.g., mimosas and martinis)

With MiraBurst, you can make enjoyable and sweet alternatives to your favorite foods and drinks. For example, when you order your fruit smoothie at your favorite smoothie shop, you can now ditch all of the added sugar or sweeteners. Instead, let consume MiraBurst before and immediately enjoy your deliciously sweet smoothie with no added calories and no aftertaste.

Why You Need a Natural Taste Modifier

Although sugar may be pleasing to the tastebuds, it is harmful to the body. In addition to contributing to diabetes, the excessive consumption of sugar has been linked to a higher likelihood of developing some forms of cancer, tooth decay, and obesity. For this reason, eating too much sugar is extremely risky, even for people who aren’t borderline diabetic or diabetic. Fortunately, we at MiraBurst understand the joy of the sweet life and want to show you how MiraBurst can help you to combat these issues by trimming down on sugar while still adding sweetness to your life.

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What to Eat and Drink with

The best low sugar fruits, foods, and drinks to pair with our miracle berry products for weight loss and other health conditions include:

Explore MiraBurst

A healthy way to give sour or tart foods and drinks a delectably sweet taste! Experience the sweet sensation with MiraBurst products, and sweeten up your life while giving your health a boost with its many health benefits!