How to Keep Your Sweet Tooth Without Any Sugar or Sweeteners with MiraBurst!

Seems like every day, there’s a new reason people are trying to cut back on sugar. From trying to lose weight to sensitive teeth, sugar is most definitely something we all could cut back on. So, if you’ve been wondering why sugar hurts your teeth, the answer is hidden in the details.

If you think that you are the only one cursed with having teeth sensitive to sugar, you are mistaken. We all do. Staying away from sweets is hard, especially for those with a sweet tooth.

If you want to find more about how sugar affects teeth and what MiraBurst has to offer to help you keep your sweet tooth, you are in the right place.

Why Is Sugar Bad for Your Teeth

Many people are under the impression that eating too many candies can result in your teeth decaying. While they may be right, it is essential to understand how sugar affects teeth.

Surprisingly, sugar does not decay teeth directly but is a stimulant within the process. The more detailed your knowledge is, the better you will be able to pass it onto your children, friends, and family to help them protect their teeth.

The mouth is full of bacteria. While many of these bacteria are useful in ways such as helping us digest food and maintaining our oral ecosystem, some of them are harmful. These bad bacteria feed on the sugars that you consume to survive. When these harmful bacteria consume sugars, they create acids, which have the power to destroy the tooth enamel.

Tooth enamel is the protective outer layer of the tooth. In healthy teeth, it is very shiny. When the tooth enamel is compromised, bacteria enter the tooth and create cavities – holes in a tooth. These cavities can be very small, small to the point you can’t see them with your bare eye.

Nevertheless, the bacteria in these cavities will continue to eat, progressing past the enamel and digging deeper into the tooth structure. If untreated, it may lead to tooth aches and possible tooth loss.

Your Teeth Are Equipped to Fight Back

The good news is that your teeth are equipped to fight back. Every time harmful acids try to break through the tooth enamel, minerals in the enamel fight it off.

Tiny blood vessels located in the mouth nurture the tooth and allow the ongoing process of remineralization. Saliva also helps in the tooth enamel remineralization process. It contains plenty of phosphates and calcium that help repair the teeth.

Unfortunately, constant consumption of sweets doesn’t allow the tooth enamel to restock enough minerals to fight back the acid. The only way to prevent cavities from occurring is to limit the sugar intake or to find a viable replacement.

Miracle Berries are A Great Sugar Substitute

If only there could be something that could add sweetness to a particular flavor without causing any harm to my teeth? The answer lies in the miracle fruit – miracle berries.

So, why miracle berries? Miracle berries are the only berries that contain a specific protein with the power to alter tastes. The protein, called Miraculin, tastes sweet just enough to replicate the original effect of refined sugars.

How Does Miracle Fruit Work?

Our tongues are equipped with special receptors that allow us to taste sweet flavors. The “sweet” ingredients in the foods we consume bind to these receptors resulting in sweet sensations.

Unlike artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, the Miraculin found in miracle berries bind firmly to the sweet receptors on the tongue to form a miraculin-sweet receptor complex. The effect is particularly strong when the berries are consumed with sour and acidic foods.

This is because the acidic pH stimulates the miraculin to super-charge the sweet receptors. So, the effect lasts up to 60 minutes until the miraculin-sweet receptor complex is deactivated by alpha-amylase enzyme found in saliva.

This means that you can enjoy any of your favorite sour and acidic drinks, desserts, and flavors completely sugar-free by taking miracle berry tablets beforehand.

MiraBurst For Teeth Sensitive to Sugar

Finding fresh and ready to consume miracle berries throughout the year is hard. If you want to enjoy sweet flavors while protecting your teeth at the same time, MiraBurst Easy-Melt tablets will enable you to do so every time your sweet tooth kicks in. These tablets really give meaning to sugar-free living.

Consume these tablets before eating or drinking sour and acidic foods and drinks to awaken the sweet taste sensation. On top of that, you will find extra Vitamin C, antioxidants, and polyphenols in these tablets very beneficial for your health.

MiraBurst is so powerful that it can turn even bland diabetic superfoods into a sweet and delicious experience. This includes foods like unsweetened Kefir and Greek yogurt, grapefruit, citrus fruit drinks, sugar-free smoothies and juices, and many more.

The bacteria in the mouth make teeth sensitive to sugar. One of the best ways to protect the tooth enamel and keep it healthy is to minimize the sugar intake.

Fortunately, people with a sweet tooth can do so without sacrificing anything. With MiraBurst tablets, even the most acidic and sourest foods and drinks taste sweet.

Shop our selection of miracle berry tablets today to start living sugar-free now!

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