3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Lemon Water

Lemon water provides a range of benefits that we discussed in our post, “3 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water,” but is there any way to vary its flavor and increase its health benefits? Absolutely! Try the three flavoring suggestions below to give you a whole new drinking experience. All three of these suggestions can be used whether you enjoy your lemon water hot or cold.

Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Water

Cayenne pepper provides a range of health benefits, from digestive aid to migraine prevention to joint pain relief. It has also been found to encourage weight loss. To incorporate it into your lemon water, first try adding a large pinch of dried cayenne pepper and stirring well before drinking. Cayenne pepper is hot, so it’s best to start off slowly and increase the amount of cayenne pepper you use to find the right amount for your individual taste.

Lemon Water and Fresh Basil

Fresh basil leaves are an excellent source of orientin and vicenin, two water-soluble flavonoids that protect cell structures from damage. The oils in basil leaves also provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits and promote cardiovascular health. To take advantage of these benefits, add a couple of basil leaves to your lemon juice in the bottom of your glass and muddle gently so the basil’s essential oils are released. Then add your water, stir, and enjoy!

Lemon Water and Mint

Fresh mint leaves are another herb whose flavor complements lemon. Mint has been found to boost digestion, strengthen your liver, and cool your body’s internal temperature naturally, a great benefit on hot summer days. For making your mint-infused lemon water, combine the lemon juice and mint leaves in the bottom of your glass and muddle gently to release the essential oils of the mint. Top off with adding your water and stirring well before drinking.

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