Diabetes and Heart Attack Risks

Diabetes has long been known to dramatically increase the risk of heart attacks for patients with the condition. In a recent study, research indicates that the cause of this increase in cardiac arrests stems from the damaging effects diabetes has on small blood vessels surrounding the heart. However, gene therapy might provide a means to stop this damage and limit heart attack risks.

Diabetes and Its Links to Other Medical Conditions

Diabetes is a serious disease that occurs for two reasons. The first cause is because the body does not produce enough insulin; this typically leads to a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. The second cause, which is associated with type 2 diabetes, stems from the body’s inability to correctly manage the insulin it produces.

Insulin helps keep blood sugar regulated throughout the body’s circulatory system. If the body experiences high levels of blood sugar, hyperglycemia occurs and can lead to damage throughout the body’s nerves and blood vessels. The disease is associated with:

  • Blindness
  • Heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Kidney failure
  • Lower limb amputation

With the number of diabetics worldwide estimated at 422 million people, these complications can lead to devastating consequences for individuals and communities.

Diabetes and Its Effects on Small Blood Vessels

New research has found that diabetes constricts small blood vessels around the heart, leading to damage to the heart as a whole. When the small blood vessels cannot carry blood as intended, it overtaxes larger blood vessels which can lead to cardiac arrest.

Additionally, high levels of blood sugar in the circulatory system are linked to a loss of pericytes, a cell that acts as a protector to layers around small blood vessels. When damaged, the protective layer can break up.

Luckily, the research found that gene therapy was able to boost generation of proteins that stimulate growth of pericytes. With new pericytes created, small blood vessels had new growth, allowing blood to flow correctly to the heart and improving its strength.

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