Keeping Your Apples Fresh

You might have noticed by the abundance of bushels at your local farmers’ markets and grocery stores–It’s apple time again! And to enjoy your local apples well into autumn, there are a number of things you can do to keep them fresher.

Store Apples at a Cool Temperature

Apples can stand at room temperature for a couple of days, but to preserve them for longer, they should be stored in a cool place. Refrigerate the apples you don’t plan to eat within 2-3 days after bringing them home; refrigerated apples will stay fresh for at least three weeks.

Apples Like Alone Time

As apples age, they release ethylene which causes some other fruits and vegetables to spoil faster. To keep all the produce in your fridge fresher, store apples in a closed plastic bag away from other fruits and vegetables in your fridge.

Bad Apples Literally Spoil the Whole Bunch

Once apples begin to brown or bruise, the ethylene gas they release increases. This will accelerate the decomposition of other apples stored close by. Because of this, you should check your apple bag periodically to remove any apples that show signs of browning and eat those apples as soon as possible.

Apples Require a Gentle Touch

When handling apples, make sure you treat them gently to prevent bruising them. Small bruises quickly become big ones which can ruin the apple and any other apples near it.

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