MiraBurst Attending FCCA Event

MiraBurst is pleased to announce that we are attending the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) 23rd Annual Conference and Trade Show in Puerto Rico, Sept. 26-30. The FCCA event brings together key stakeholders and decision makers from FCCA members’ cruise lines and businesses aiming to engaging with the industry.

The MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablet booth will allow conference attendees to learn more about the benefits of our products and experience flavor-tripping themselves. Miracle fruit berry tablets contain Miraculin, one of Nature’s few taste-modifying glycoproteins, which transforms the way users perceive the tastes of certain foods. In the case of miracle fruit, sour and acidic foods, like citrus fruits, strawberries, yogurt, sour cream, vinegar, and red wines, naturally taste sweeter, even though no sugar or sugar substitutes have been added to them, if they are tasted after consuming a miracle berry. The ability to cause this transformation is both fun and beneficial: people marvel at experiencing taste in a way they never have before while being able to cut back on unhealthy sugars in their diets.

Please join us at the FCCA event to learn more about our miracle berry tablets and sample one yourself. Once you experience their surprising taste-altering power, you’ll understand why miracle berries have become a popular party theme for people who want to entertain their guests with something new, unique, and healthy.

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