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Keep Your Holidays Healthy With Christmas Gifts From MiraBurst

The holiday season is almost upon us! For those of you that would like to forego (or at least limit) the number of candies and sweets you use to celebrate the season, MiraBurst can help. And the best part is that you can celebrate with healthy gifts, like a beautiful fruit bouquet with the MiraBurst Miracle Berry, so you can enjoy all types of low sugar fruits.

Fruit Bouquets with Citrus & Berries are Healthy Christmas Gifts That Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Diabetics

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Need something sweet to give your loved ones that is still healthy? Try sending them a fruit bouquet made from low sugar berries and citrus fruits, like oranges! They will love to use the fruit bouquet as a centerpiece and enjoy the taste of it when you also send them MiraBurst Miracle Berry products! A portable option would be the MiraBurst Miracle Berry Mini-Squares.

MiraBurst Miracle Berry Mini-Squares are the ideal healthy Christmas gifts for citrus-loving friends, and likewise, these natural treats are the perfect stocking stuffers for diabetics.

MiraBurst Miracle Berries Bring the Sweetness from the Sour or Tart

MiraBurst Miracle Berries can naturally trick the mind to perceive the taste of sour or tart foods, drinks, and fruits, like low sugar berries, oranges, and pineapples, as sweet so you can be certain that your holiday guests will savor the flavor of these healthy fruits. These products are the perfect healthy Christmas gifts—ones that will make the holidays that much sweeter.

MiraBurst Freshly Frozen Miracle Berries

You can also add sweetness to your holidays by snacking on MiraBurst’s Freshly Frozen Miracle Berries. You’ll experience a natural, clean, sweet taste once the taste-modifying effect begins.

These berries are freshly harvested from Ghana and blast-frozen so that you can consume them right at home. Once you receive them, you must always keep them frozen, as well as eat them when frozen. That’s because the berry is highly perishable, so it will quickly lose its taste-modifying effect when it thaws.

Miracle Berry Mini-Squares

If you’re looking for more healthy Christmas gifts, consider giving MiraBurst’s Mini Squares a try. These soon-arriving delectable treats are natural taste modifiers that activate the taste buds and trick the mind to perceive sour or tart fruit, foods, and drinks as sweet. The Mini-Squares are made from the Miracle Berry, a superfruit from Ghana, West Africa. The fruit’s active substance is a taste-modifying glycoprotein called miraculin.

The MiraBurst Mini-Squares are created by freeze-drying the Miracle Berry, a superfruit from Ghana, into a powder. The powder is then compressed and shaped into a mini-square. They are especially ideal stocking stuffers for diabetics. However, they are a great gift for anyone looking to enjoy a healthier, low-sugar lifestyle during the holidays and every day.

Once you place the mini-square on your tongue and allow it to dissolve, any low sugar, sour or tart food or drink that you consume will taste sweet for the next 30-45 minutes. To experience this taste-modifying effect, avoid chewing the mini-square and don’t add it directly to drinks or foods.

Note that MiraBurst Miracle Berry Mini-Square works best when paired with low sugar smoothies, like green smoothies and berry smoothies. However, they also work well with several other foods and drinks, including the following:

  • Yogurt
  • Green Smoothies with berries 
  • Low-sugar berry yogurt parfait
  • Fruit salad containing low-sugar berries
  • Grapefruit and other citrus fruits

You can even use MiraBurst before drinking lemon water to make it taste exactly like lemonade. Pair with apple cider vinegar in lemon water for another healthy yet tasty beverage you won’t mind sipping this holiday season.

Find Healthy Christmas Gifts at MiraBurst

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At MiraBurst, we are excited to make eating healthy more enjoyable with our Freshly Frozen Miracle Berries and Mini Squares. In addition, we ship them all over the United States. Give MiraBurst Miracle Berry products as healthy Christmas gifts this year!

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