How Chemotherapy Patients Can Improve Their Memory

One of the most potent uses of MiraBurstTM miracle berries is helping chemotherapy patients mask the taste disturbance side effects of their treatment. There are many other side effects of chemotherapy, however, which can dramatically compromise the quality of life for patients. One such side effect is the treatment’s impact on memory. For some patients, chemotherapy causes problems with their memory and ability to concentrate, which could last for years after the treatment is completed.

Luckily, recent research at the University of Sydney has found that simple brain exercises can improve cognitive function for chemotherapy patients suffering from memory problems. As part of the research, patients engaged in online tests and puzzles four times weekly for 40 minutes and showed marked improvement with their memory and concentration when compared with patients who received no brain training. The patients who trained their brains also showed lower levels of anxiety and depression and were less fatigued.

Do you have any advice for chemotherapy patients suffering from the side effects of treatment? Let us know! Although MiraBurstTM miracle fruit berry products only address side effects related to taste disturbances, we love to share any help we can as part of our support for patients of chemotherapy.

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