Keep Warm this Winter with Apple Peel Tea

Did you ever feel it is a waste to throw away apple peels after you have used the apples to make your favorite recipes, but don’t know what do? You can make apple peel tea! And with the help of MiraBurstTM miracle berries, you can skip using any sugars to keep your apple peel tea as healthy as can be.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, Celebrate the Season with Apple Cinnamon Water, apples are a superfood that can cleanse your body, charge your immune system, and promote a healthy heart. The warmth of apple peel tea will also be a comfort on cold wintery days and the fragrant smell of the tea while making it will fill your home with a lovely scent.

How to Make Apple Peel Tea

For this tea, you can use the peels of red, yellow, or green apples. To make the tea, use about ¾ cups of water for the peels of each apple. Place the peels and water in a saucepan, add a dash of cinnamon, and a couple drops of lemon juice. You can also add a clove or two and some cardamom to increase the tea’s flavor. Simmer the tea for 15 minutes and then strain into a bowl before serving.

Sweeten the Taste of Apple Peel Tea Naturally

Instead of adding sugar or honey to your apple peel tea, you can harness the taste-transforming power of MiraBurstTM miracle fruit tablets to bring out the sweetness of the apples. Miracle fruit berries contain Miraculin which alters the taste of sour and acidic foods, like apples, citrus fruit, vinegars, and yogurt so they taste sweet. If you would like experience the flavor-tripping abilities of our miracle berry tablets, visit our Shop page and order your miracle berry products today!

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