An Ancient Berry Gets a Fresh Look

What if the solution to obesity and diabetes was wrapped up in a small, natural berry? What if we no longer needed processed sugars to enhance our foods? This is not science fiction. It is reality. It is called the miracle berry or, as it is scientifically known, synsepalum dulcificum.

Our Answer to Sugar?

Dr. Emmanuel Asare, CEO of MB Group USA, LLC and a New York doctor originally from Ghana, realized that he may be able to utilize this small fruit for those who were struggling with a healthy diet as well as those who were undergoing cancer treatments. West African tribes have used the tiny berry for generations to accentuate the taste of their food. By chewing the pulp of the berry before eating, they were able to transform the taste of any sour or acidic foods into ones they could enjoy. Today, Dr. Asare and MiraBurst® are paving the way for new generations to use this miraculous fruit.

How it Works

The phenomenon of the miracle berry has caught on in other areas of the world as an all-natural solution to our ever-increasing processed sugar addiction. It does this by altering taste bud receptors to taste sweet instead of bitter or sour. By attaching to these receptors on the taste buds, foods with sour or bitter flavors are experienced as sweet temporarily.

Perishable to Portable

Unfortunately, the berry itself can be highly perishable. Producers have circumvented that somewhat by quick freezing the berries. But getting the benefits of the miracle berry is now more convenient than ever. With a line of easy-melt tablets, the attributes of the miracle berry can be experienced whenever needed.

MiraBurst® Easy-Melt Tablets are made from the miracle fruit. Containing no sugar of their own, they offer the same effect as the berries themselves, only in a convenient, portable form. These tablets dissolve easily and are perfect for those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle as well as people suffering with diabetes. For diabetics, the miracle fruit can not only reduce sugar intake, but also improves insulin sensitivity.


A Miracle for Cancer Patients

MiraBurst® Easy-Melt Tablets have also worked their miracle for people who are experiencing taste disruption from chemotherapy treatments. Many chemo patients lose their interest in food because of a metallic taste that often is a side-effect of their treatments. Miracle berry tablets have been instrumental in allowing chemotherapy patients to enjoy food once again and get their needed nutrients after cancer treatments.

Doctors have agreed that the miracle berry tablets have been able to reverse weight loss due to cancer treatments, boost needed nutrition, and, consequently, help speed their recovery. Many cancer patients are grateful for this fruit which has brought something good to one of the most difficult times in their lives.

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