How Miracle Berries Can Help Alter Food’s Future

Today, we are looking at a worldwide population that is expected to exceed 9.5 billion in the next thirty years. That means production of food will need to increase by at least 60 percent in order to feed that population.

At last March’s Future Food-Tech Summit in San Francisco, this was a conversation that participants were engaged in. Namely, how do we do this safely, sustainably, affordably, and nutritiously?

How Do We Feed the World of the Future?

If you have paid attention to the news at all in the past few years, you may know that our current food situation is not a healthy or sustainable one. Not only are we depleting our healthy soil, poisoning it with chemicals, and inhumanely industrializing our meat production, but our nation’s lifespan has reduced for the third straight year in a row. Participants at the Future Food-Tech Summit saw a grim picture unless we make very radical changes to the way we eat and produce our food.

Food’s Future Meets Investors

The summit brought together food startups from around the world with potential investors. Many of these participants focused on alternatives to our current production of meat products. Some highlighted concerns about the rising rates of obesity and diabetes throughout the world. One of the many future food alternatives that were highlighted at the summit was the miracle berry with its ability to alter the taste of food.

An Ancient Foundation

The “future” of this berry relies heavily on its ancient foundation. In its native Ghana, the miracle berry has been used for generations by native inhabitants to enhance the taste of food, giving bland, sour, or bitter foods a sweet taste after chewing the pulp of the berry. For a developing world that is seeing diabetes and lifestyle diseases rise at an alarming rate, the miracle berry could be a very important element in food’s future.

Investment Funds Wanting to Do Good

One of the missions of the Future Food-Tech Summit is to bring healthier food technology and investors together. Food has not typically been an ideal place for investors’ money because of the expense, time, and regulatory hurdles involved in bringing new food alternatives to market. The Future Food-Tech Summit is drawing venture capital dollars from funds that want to make a social impact and do good with their investments.

Current Availability of the Miracle Berry

When it comes to the miracle berry, the future is closer than you may think. The miracle berry is already readily available to consumers in the form of berries and also miracle berry tablets. There are many future implications about the possibility of using the berry to be a viable alternative to processed sugar and chemical sweeteners that have hijacked a whole generation of consumers and led us down an unhealthy path. Today, you can find miracle berries, miracle berry tablets, and miracle berry products on our website at

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