What Does the Miracle Berry Taste Like?

Your sweet tooth is your kryptonite. Pies, cakes, bite-sized chocolate pieces—they’re all hard for you to resist in the store, even when you’re trying to live a low sugar lifestyle. Meanwhile, the berries sitting nearby are a turnoff to you due to their sour taste.

Fortunately, you can finally win the battle against your sweet tooth by tricking your mind into perceiving that the pomegranate you’re eating is actually sweet. That’s the uniqueness of the MiraBurst Miracle Berry—a fruit that makes sour taste sweet.

The question is, what exactly does the Miracle Berry taste like?

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about the taste of the MiraBurst Miracle Berry, also known as the Miracle Fruit, and how it can help you to achieve your health goals.

What Does the Miracle Berry Taste Like?

The MiraBurst Miracle Berry is a natural taste-modifying berry that is native to Ghana in West Africa. Because it is a superfruit that makes sour taste sweet, the Miracle Berry is an excellent alternative to sugar and sweeteners.

The Miracle Fruit works by activating your taste buds and tricking the mind into temporarily perceiving any tart or sour drinks, foods, and fruits as sweet. The Miracle Berry provides a taste that is natural and clean once the taste-modifying effect starts. This makes it one of the best natural sugar substitutes.

Note that the superfruit itself doesn’t have a sweet taste, though, as it naturally has low levels of sugar. Instead, it features a pleasant yet mild flavor.

MiraBurst Miracle Berry Product Options

If you’re interested in making sour or tart foods, drinks, and fruits taste better, Miracle Berry products come in many forms—mini squares and freshly frozen—that you can take advantage of.


Harvesting and shipping fresh Miracle Fruit is difficult. Fortunately, you can still experience the benefits of this superfruit through Miracle Fruit products offered by MiraBurst. These Mini Squares are made by freeze-drying the pulp of the Miracle Berry into a powder, then compressing the powder and shaping it into a square.

To use the square, you’ll simply place it on your tongue and allow it to dissolve completely. The mini square doesn’t need to be chewed, and it should not be added directly to a drink or food. Once the product has coated your tongue, any tart or sour foods, drinks, and foods you consume for the next 60 minutes or so will taste sweet.


MiraBurst offers Freshly Frozen Miracle Berries harvested in Ghana. The Miracle Berries are blast-frozen and then shipped across the globe so that you can enjoy them right at home.

These highly-perishable berries should always be kept frozen and should also be eaten when frozen. If you thaw them, they will quickly lose their taste-modifying benefits.

Ideal Food Pairings for the MiraBurst Miracle Berry

As we mentioned earlier, the Miracle Berry is a fruit that makes sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks taste sweet. As a result, it doesn’t work with just any type of food or drink. Any drink, fruit, or food that isn’t tart or sour won’t be affected by the MiraBurst Miracle Berry. So, if you eat a sour fruit and a sandwich at the same time, the sour fruit will taste sweet, but your sandwich’s taste won’t change.

The MiraBurst Miracle Berry improves the taste of the following sour and tart fruits, foods, and drinks:

  • Low sugar Greek yogurt parfait containing berries
  • Green smoothies containing low sugar berries
  • Fruit salad containing low sugar berries
  • Grapefruit and other citrus fruits
  • Berry smoothie

It will also temporarily change the taste of lemon water and apple cider vinegar in lemon water. With the MiraBurst Miracle Berry, these beverages taste like lemonade.

You can also enjoy the taste of low sugar Greek yogurt parfait containing berries when you consume the MiraBurst Miracle Berry first. With the Miracle Fruit, this tart snack will taste just like sweet ice cream. That makes it the perfect go-to dessert when you’re trying to eliminate sugar and processed foods.

a fruit smoothie surrounded by berries

Taste the Miracle Berry’s Benefits for Yourself With the Help of MiraBurst

At MiraBurst, we’re excited to help you to lead a low sugar eating lifestyle with our Miracle Fruit that makes sour fruits, foods, and drinks taste sweet. With our Miracle Berry Mini Squares and Frozen Miracle Berries, you can retrain your taste buds to get used to less sugar. This makes our products perfect for those seeking to lose weight, for those following a low sugar lifestyle, and for diabetics and borderline diabetics. Shop now!

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