Strawberry and Basil Flavored Water

Drinking water to stay well-hydrated boosts health, but can also be boring. Instead of drinking water plain, you can increase its nutritional value and flavor by adding fresh fruits and herbs. In this post, we combine the classic combination of strawberries and basil to make drinking water a healthy, tasty experience.

The Benefits of Strawberries and Basil

Strawberries are one of nature’s super foods. Packed with vitamin C, they promote cardiovascular and respiratory health. The antioxidants in strawberries can also help reduce the chance of stroke, cancer, and kidney diseases.

Basil provides the body with essential nutrients, flavonoids, and oils that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. In addition, they can protect cells against radiation and oxygen-based damage and promote heart health.

How to Infuse Water with Strawberries and Basil

To make basil-infused strawberry-flavored water, add five or six basil leaves to an clean large container. Add two tablespoons of water and muddle the basil leaves gently so the essential oils are released from the basil. Pour two quarts of cool water into the container. Next, quarter a pint of strawberries and add the cut strawberries to the container. Stir to incorporate the ingredients and refrigerate at least two hours before drinking. To complement the water’s flavor, try one of MiraBurstTM’s miracle berry products which contain the glycoprotein Miraculin before drinking the water. Miraculin is a taste-modifier which transforms the taste of sour and acidic foods to sweet naturally, so your strawberry basil water be a sweet treat without the use of sugar.

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