Positive Effects of Aspirin on Cancer Patients

Here at MiraBurstTM we like to share helpful news with customers who use our miracle fruit berry products for masking chemotherapy-related taste disturbances like “metal mouth.” One recent study has found that aspirin can double the life expectancy of patients who have cancers that affect the gastrointestinal tract.

The study included 13,715 patients who had been diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. 30% of the patients used aspirin before their diagnosis, 8% used aspirin after their diagnosis, and 62% did not use aspirin. The study found that “regular users of aspirin were twice as likely to still be alive after a four-year period as those who did not take the cheap drug.”

MiraBurstTM Berries Can Offer Relieve for Chemo-Related Taste Disturbances

MiraBurstTM berries are taste-modifiers. Within the unassuming berry lies the powerful taste-altering glycoprotein called Miraculin. Although generally used as a natural sugar substitute when eating sour foods, miracle berries have been found to mask the effects of metal mouth and other taste disturbances for chemotherapy patients.

Order MiraBurstTM miracle fruit berry products if you are experiencing these taste disturbances today so you can benefit from a healthy diet.

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