MiraBurst: New York’s Locally-Owned Miracle Fruit Berry Brand

Founded in 2014, MiraBurstTM is proud to be one of the only locally-owned distributors of miracle berries and miracle fruit berry products in the New York City area. In May 2015, Westchester Magazineincluded MiraBurstTM in its list of the Top 3 Biotech Companies that Could Produce the Next Blockbuster Innovation in greater New York.

Through our fair trade partnerships with farmers in the miracle berry’s native Ghana, we produce some of the most potent miracle berry products for our customers. Miracle fruit berries contain Miraculin, a glycoprotein that modifies the taste of sour and acidic foods so they taste sweet. Miraculin has also been found to mask taste disturbances often experienced by chemotherapy patients during their treatments.

If you would like to support local businesses and live in the NYC area, visit our Shop page to purchase our miracle fruit products today. The transformative power of MiraBurstTM berries is a fun way to entertain friends, so consider hosting a Flavor-Tripping Tasting party for your family and friends. We know it’s difficult to find something novel for New Yorkers, but they’ll be amazed at the results! And the best part? MiraBurstTM berries are all-natural and can help you and your loved ones follow a healthier lifestyle.


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