Diabetes Power Foods and MiraBurst Berries

Men’s Health Magazine had a recent article titled “12 Power Foods to Beat Diabetes” which listed the best foods to eat to control blood sugar and prevent complications from diabetes. After reviewing the list, we noticed that some of the foods recommended are great to combine with our taste-modifying miracle fruit berry products.

Citrus Fruit

Because diabetics often have levels of vitamin C lower than the recommended amount, eating vitamin C-rich foods like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit provide a boost to their health. Citrus fruits also provide necessary dietary fiber, which can only be integrated into the diet through eating the fruit itself, as opposed to getting vitamin C in pill or tablet form.


Vinegar has been found to lower blood sugar levels for diabetics who consume the vinegar before meals. The difference in blood sugar between diabetics who consumed the vinegar before eating was 25% lower compared with those that did not. And the effect was even higher for people with prediabetes: their blood sugar was almost 50% lower than test subjects who did not use vinegar.

Sweeten the Taste of Sour Diabetes Power Foods with MiraBurstTM Berries

What is one drawback for diabetics when eating the above Power Foods? Some people don’t like the sour taste of citrus fruit and vinegar. That’s where MiraBurstTM berries can make a big difference! MiraBurstTM berries, also known as miracle berries pr miracle fruit, contain a glycoprotein named Miraculin which naturally alters the taste of sour and acidic foods so they taste sweet. This allows you to enjoy the taste of citrus fruits and vinegar without adding sugar, which is critical for people suffering from diabetes. The effects of miracle fruit berries last up to 90 minutes, so you can relish the taste of sour and acidic foods at your leisure. To purchase MiraBurstTM miracle fruit berry products, check out our online store today.


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