Miracle berry tasting parties growing in popularity

Tasting parties have long been popular for experimenting with wine and cheese, but the new tasting sensation is miracle berries! Since the mainstream media first introduced miracle berries as a natural flavor enhancer, miracle berry tasting parties have become increasingly more popular.


Why are miracle berries so intriguing, you ask?

Miracle berries and the miracle fruit tablets made from them possess the ability to temporarily transform taste perceptions, making sour and acidic foods taste sweet for up to 90 minutes. For instance, after eating an easy-melt miracle berry tablet, a lemon will taste like candy. The flavor-changing properties make miracle berries the perfect option for tasting parties. Guests can experience food like never before and have fun tasting things in a completely different and unexpected way.

So how can you throw a tasting party? First, you need miracle berry tablets. MiraBurst™ cultivates all-natural miracle berries that contain a high concentration of Miraculin, the glycoprotein found in the berry’s pulp, to created our tablets. Miraculin binds to taste buds to modify taste receptors on the tongue, changing the tastes of sour and acidic foods.

When you buy miracle berry tablets

First, obtained your miracle berry tablets from MiraBurst. Your guests should eat the tablet by allowing it to dissolve and coat their tongues. When the tongue is properly coated, guests can begin tasting the food. The miraculin will latch onto the taste buds, and allow guests to experience the taste-changing effects for up to 90 minutes.

What food should you sample? We’ve created an infographic describing the best foods to eat with MiraBurst™ miracle berries.

Miracle Berries in Hand