Benefits of Eating Blueberries

The blueberry might be small but it’s a powerhouse superfood that provides a number of benefits that can improve your health. And with MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets, you can skip adding sugar to your berries and bring out the full flavor of the berries naturally.

Blueberry Health Benefits

1. Blueberries Prevent Aging

The antioxidants in blueberries reduce the damaging effects of free radicals and toxins, which increase aging, within the body. In particular, the proanthocyanidins in blueberries stop and reverse inflammation, a leading cause of many diseases.

2. Blueberries Improve Brain Functions

Blueberries contain phenols that are well-known as being neuro-protective agents. These phenols slow brain degeneration and toxicity.

3. Blueberries Improve Digestion

The soluble and insoluble fiber in blueberries can help moderate the workings of your gastrointestinal track. To keep your digestion regular, you should eat at least a half cup of blueberries per day.

4. Blueberries Keep the Heart Healthy

Blueberries improve heart health because of their high level of antioxidants. The antioxidants in blueberries can lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol while lowering blood pressure.

Improve the Flavor of Blueberries with MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets

Blueberries are often sour, particularly when they aren’t picked at the height of their growing season. To bring out the blueberries’ full flavor without diminishing their nutritional value with sugar, eat them after consuming a MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablet. Miracle berries are one of nature’s few flavor modifiers and their active ingredient, Miraculin, transforms the taste of sour and acidic foods, like blueberries, to sweet naturally. The effects of Miraculin last up to 90 minutes, so you can enjoy your plain blueberries or our Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie recipe at your own pace. Want to keep the nutritious sour foods in your diet as healthy as possible? Order miracle berry tablets from MiraBurst today.

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