Uses for Chemotherapy: Not Just for Cancer

When Selena Gomez recently announced that she underwent chemotherapy to treat lupus, it raised the public’s awareness that chemotherapy isn’t only used to treat cancer. Chemotherapy has also been administered to manage autoimmune disorders and inflammatory diseases.

Rheumatic Diseases

Joint and muscles are affected by rheumatic diseases. Certain types of rheumatic diseases which stem from immune system problems can respond favorably to chemotherapy. These include:

Rheumatoid arthritis – This type of arthritis causes damaging inflammation in joints.

Lupus – A rheumatic disease that can affect many bodily organs as well as muscles and joints.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the body’s central nervous system. With this disease, the normal flow of information traveling between the body and brain are disrupted because the body’s white blood cells mistakenly attack the nervous system. Chemotherapy’s ability to destroy white blood cells diminish the amount of cells available to disrupt the flow of information.

Chemotherapy Side Effects Disturbing Taste

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