Throw a Unique Holiday Party with MiraBurst Miracle Fruit Tablets

With all the holiday celebrations that occur from November through the New Year, how can your party stand out? By having a Flavor Tripping Tasting Partywith MiraBurstTM! MiraBurstTM miracle fruit berry products can surprise and delight your guests when they taste sour and acidic foods and experience their tastes transformed to sweet without dousing them in sugar or other sweeteners.

How do MiraBurstTM Berries “Trip Flavors”?

MiraBurstTM products are made from potent miracle fruit berries that contain a high amount of the glycoprotein named Miraculin. As the pulp of the miracle berries coats the tongue when you chew on the berries, the Miraculin attaches to taste receptors and naturally alters the flavor of sour and acidic foods so they taste sweet. Your party guests will be amazed after they eat well-known sour foods like lemons and find their flavor as sweet as candy.

For toasting the season, MiraBurstTM Miracle Fruit Berry Tablets also work great for taking away the harsh flavors of cocktails and punches that contain vodka and citrus fruit juices so you don’t have to drench them in sugar or pre-made syrups. To find a list of the foods that best demonstrate MiraBurstTM Berries’ flavor tripping possibilities, please visit our What to Eat with MiraBurstTM blog post and order your miracle berry tablets today!

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