People Trying MiraBurst Berry Tablets for the 1st Time-July 4th Pt. 2

In a previous post, I shared with you what Colleen’s reactions were to trying MiraBurst™ miracle berry tablets for the first time at our July 4th picnic. David is another attendee at the picnic who tried the tablets and was amazed how the MiraBurstTM berries changed the taste of sour foods to sweet. He had one particular item he wanted to try with the berry tablets so much, however, that he made sure he brought it to the picnic himself!

David’s Reactions to MiraBurstTM Miracle Berry Tablets

“When you said you would be bringing the miracle berry tablets to the picnic, I went online and researched what I should try with them. You didn’t say anything about how it changes the taste of Guinness in your email! So, I brought my own Guinness because there’s no way I’m not trying this out…”

David is a long-time fan of Guinness beer, so he’s very familiar with its regular taste. After trying the MiraBurstTMberry tablets, this was his reaction to taking a drink of his Guinness:

“Oh wow, it’s like drinking a chocolate milkshake! That unbelievable. It’s much creamier than usual. If I didn’t know it, I’d think I was tasting a fizzy chocolate milk. I wish Mike was here to taste it, because he’d never believe it.”

Ordering MiraBurstTM Berry Tablets Online

If you would like to try our tablets to experience their taste-modifying power, visit us at MiraBurst™ and order miracle berry tablets online. You’ll be amazed how they change the taste of sour foods to sweet without the use of sugar!

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